Have you lost your va-va-voom?

If you are a lady approaching or experiencing the menopause, then you may well be experiencing a feeling of loss, of flatness, of not knowing quite how you fit in with the rest of the world...

You may have noticed unwelcome weight gain and that boobs, tums and bums are all heading south, hair loss or hair in places it didn't used to be, insomnia and mood swings, not to mention the infamous hot flushes and night sweats, the loss of sex drive and brain fog. 

If you are a man living with a lady experiencing these symptoms then you too may have broken sleep, lack of intimacy and the feeling that you can't do anything right.

In the past, the menopause was something of a taboo subject; no-one really discussed it and it certainly wasn't taught as part of sex and relationship education. It was to be endured as a sign that childbearing years were over and it might go on for years and years.

Thankfully, times and attitudes are changing and menopause is no longer a dirty word.

The good news is that there are lots of self-help techniques that can be put in place once the GP has confirmed that it is the menopause. If you choose not to go down the HRT route then making changes to your diet, taking regular exercise, dressing in layers and ensuring good sleep hygiene all help to overcome some of these symptoms; Hypnotherapy is also a great tool to help you regain control.

If your menopausal symptoms are getting you down then do, please, get in touch with a hypnotherapist and ask what they can do to help. Most hypnotherapists will be able to help you with a positive mindset, motivation to exercise and sleep issues.

For specific work on reducing hot flushes and night sweats look for a therapist with specific training in menopause relief, or for a therapist who specialises in women's health.

Control room techniques work very well as do visualisations; clients are also taught how to take control of their symptoms and switch them off or down before they become overwhelming.

The menopause does not have to be that millstone that it was for ladies 30 years ago. Yes, it might be the end of your childbearing years but it is also the gateway to the rest of your life. Embrace the change!

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Written by Anne Marie Stagg ~ GHR

Anne Marie is an experienced hypnotherapist based in a GP Surgery in E.Yorkshire. Many of her clients have anxiety. She has specific training in this and also in Menopause Relief.
She is clear that progress comes from partnership with the client and uses hypnotherapy combined with other therapies for best results.
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Written by Anne Marie Stagg ~ GHR

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