Have courage, speak your truth

There is a common myth that hypnosis acts like a truth serum - the truth is, you can lie just as easily in a hypnotic trance.

Why am I telling you this? Let me digress a bit first...

When a stage hypnotist chooses his/her participants, they are looking for people who are most susceptible to suggestions - but they are also looking for those who appear to be least likely to do the things suggested. Without a doubt, they are in a trance when they are dancing wildly to 'sexy thing' - they may well be quiet people who wouldn't normally dance without fear in front of an audience. More importantly, at all times they have a choice. They choose to do those things suggested.

Again, what has that got to do with the other point? I will tell you.

When a person seeks help, they have a choice. A choice as to where they go, which therapist they see.

They also have a choice to use the sessions to full advantage - or not.

Here's the point for the comparison above: That person dancing wildly on stage, feels able to do so because they have the veil of hypnosis to buffer any embarrassment - if people make fun of them they can blame hypnosis! They know they could choose NOT to dance!

Think about that in a therapy situation now...

The client can sit there and know they can say whatever is bothering them, but embarrassment stops them - they could choose to lie. Some do and end up coming back later down the line and spilling all. Or they could choose to use this wonderful state of relaxation to speak without fear or embarrassment, enabling the therapist to use whatever tool needed to work through the issue.

Now, imagine the relief and peace of mind that the client gets when they walk out of the therapist's office - free from the problem, something that may well have been very easy to sort out.

So I say speak your truth, it will be OK. Trust in your therapist.

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Written by Karen Lee Clinical Hypnotherapist- Blossom Therapy Swaffham

Karen Lee has always had an interest in helping others help themselves, after two years online voluntary work in a group she set up herself, she is now a qualified hypnotherapist, EMDR specialist and is studying to achieve a BSc Hons degree in psychology, looking to become a psychologist in the next few years.… Read more

Written by Karen Lee Clinical Hypnotherapist- Blossom Therapy Swaffham

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