Handy tips for anxiety/stress or depression

As we know, anxiety, stress and depression have a significant effect on health. The HSE 2016/17 statistics indicate that 526,000 workers suffered with work related stress, anxiety or depression and that equates to 12.5 million working days lost due to illness. The highest incidence of illness was found in human health & social work activities, closely followed by public admin & defence personnel.

To improve how people feel, they need to make some adjustments and changes to their routine to enable them to get back 'in control' and feel positive in all aspects of their lives. Below I have given several suggestions that anyone can follow which may assist them in progressing forward and in time feel much improvement.

1. Get out of bed as soon as you awaken to stop the sensations in your body you dislike. This breaks the usual habit of staying in bed feeling the way you normally do

2. Do some gentle exercises if it is safe to do so, to release any stiffness or tension in your muscles

3. Personal care - use some nice products if possible and maybe use ones with a stimulating smell such as lemon to make you more alert. Brush your teeth well and use a mouthwash if it helps to make your mouth feel fresh. Use aftershaves/perfumes that you love

4. Power dress in bold colours to make you feel more alert - it also gives you presence

5. Find a place which is quiet and pop your hand on your chest (to connect with yourself and to feel the rise and fall of your breath). Close your eyes and slowly, gently breathe in through your nose to the count of four. Breathe out and down from your mouth to the count of six. Repeat this for approximately five minutes and you may find yourself feeling more relaxed, calmer and some anxiety symptoms relieved. You can repeat this in two five-minute exercises throughout the day if you wish and also as you get into bed at night

6. Have a nutritious healthy breakfast/lunch and drink plenty of water during the day to hydrate your body (30mls/1 Kg body weight and more if you are exercising unless you have a medical condition that restricts fluids)

7. If you play music as you go off to work then listen to up-beat music

8. If you go to the gym put a bit of effort in so you perspire and stimulate the 'good feeling' endorphins. Exercise is excellent for stress and other related illnesses

9. Smile at people even if they are frowning. Research shows that when you do little gestures like this it makes you feel good and hopefully the person may do too!

10. There are a couple of acupressure points that you can press yourself to improve how you feel. An example of a website than may give better guidance of this is: http://www.modernreflexology.com/top-9-acupressure-points-relieve-stress-anxiety/

11. Simple affirmations which you can say to yourself easily can also help you improve but you need to believe what you say! For example, ’I am feeling better today and I am going to have a great day.’ Your mind is a very powerful organ so use and respect it another phrase is ‘I’m safe, I’m well and I choose to be here’. Repeat this several times but mean it!

12. Aromatherapy oils can help your mind-set too. You could use either a spray, a drop on a handkerchief or a few drops in the bath. An example of a website than may give better guidance of this is: http://www.healthyandnaturalworld.com/best-essential-oils-anxiety-depression/

13. Therapy is a great way to get quicker results and this could include: hypnotherapy/NLP/EFT/ EMDR/The Arrow and a host of other holistic and complementary therapies. Hypnotherapy relaxation or personal recordings prepared for you are a great way to re-enforce positive suggestions into your subconscious mind, especially at night. However, you must adhere to the safety rules if you are listening to one

14. If you can afford it or have some free time, have a relaxing facial or have your nails painted or you could have a professional shave or similar treatments such as hand and feet massages. Anything that brings you relief and makes you feel calm is great!

15. Be good to yourself. Pay more attention to the great things about you and give yourself some credit for all the things you have achieved. Little victories are just as important as bigger ones so praise yourself!

I hope this helps you feel much better and more comfortable with yourself. The last thing I will say is that there are lots of people out there who can help you whether it be therapists, counsellors or just friends - it helps to talk and off-load. I wish you luck and a happier, much brighter future. If you need further information and assistance here are some useful links:


Regards, Susan

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Written by Susan Lawrence of 'Piece of Minds'

Susan Lawrence
LLM(Health), LLB (Hons), RGN, RM, PN Cert, Dip CH, Senior Qualified Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Dip Sports, PTSD Practitioner, Occupational Stress Consultant, Train the Trainer, PLR, & FLP, Hypno-Birth/Fertility, NLP/Adv EFT Practitioner, Smoking Cessation, Personal Development Coach, Ear Acupuncture. OldPain2Go Practitioner, EMDR.… Read more

Written by Susan Lawrence of 'Piece of Minds'

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