Hands up if you know a nail biter?

Nail biting is one of those habits that often starts in childhood that we tend to outgrow in our late teens, but for some people it just goes on and on and on. It can be the fall back comforter in moments of stress, boredom or extreme fatigue and visible signs may be as simple as stunted finger nails or as complex as ragged skin, throbbing redness and infected skin, and an inability to do simple tasks such as fastening or unfastening buttons.

Of course, nail biting isn’t just about biting nails – if you observe nail biters you will see that there is so much more to it: you have the nibblers of nail, cuticle or skin; you have the genuine biters and you have the suckers who spend so much time with their fingers in their mouth that the skin becomes swollen and distorted with moisture.

For young children there is the risk that infection will set in as a result of dirt and germs, particularly if there is poor toilet hygiene; for older children and adults everyday tasks such as cooking expose the skin to a whole host of painful ingredients such as salt, lemon juice and potato starch to name but a few. Adults may become embarrassed when shaking hands or when hands are very much on show such as showing off an engagement or wedding ring.

The good news is that nail biting is a habit and as a habit is a learned experience, hypnotherapy can be used very successfully to break the bad habit and put something positive in place. The hypnotherapist will take a detailed history to identify when nail biting happens and any trigger factors and then will look to work with your subconscious to bring about change. You will be given suggestions on all of the positive aspects of being a non-nail biter  and how it will feel to have strong healthy nails, perhaps imagining various scenarios when your hands are on show or friends and family make positive comments.

You will quickly see results as your nails become stronger and healthier.

If you are embarrassed by your nail biting and ready to stop, then contact a hypnotherapist today. 

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