Getting over a relationship and moving on

If you have experienced a relationship break-up, you're probably feeling very hurt, angry and let down. You may be feeling very low and even depressed. Your sense of trust may have gone and you may have lost a lot of confidence along the way. Appetite loss and problems sleeping are other common side-effects after a break-up. 

Regardless of how the relationship ended and who's decision it was, you will likely be going through a lot of different emotions and may wonder if you're ever going to feel the same again. You may feel as if you'll never be able to move on or even love again. 

When a relationship breaks down ruminating on what went wrong can be self-destructive. If relationship issues are not resolved you could take them into your next relationship and have the same problems again - or something might trigger unresolved emotions. 

Hypnotherapy is a tool you may not have thought of to help you heal after a break-up, but it can be incredibly powerful. 

Hypnotherapy for break-ups

In hypnotherapy, you go into a deep state of relaxation where your subconscious mind is more open to suggestion. Your hypnotherapist will be able to use techniques to help release any negative thought patterns from your subconscious and replace them with more positive suggestions. These suggestions will help you to think differently about the break-up and encourage you to move on.

Changing any negative feelings you have towards your ex-partner into positive feelings that benefit you, hypnotherapy can enable you to carry on with your life's journey; to think of your ex-partner as a stepping stone in life, allowing you to move on to something better. 

On top of this, hypnotherapy can be used to increase your confidence and re-build your self-esteem. Often we lose our identities after an important relationship breaks down and it's important for you to rediscover who you are without the other person and reconnect with your passions. Using positive suggestion and relaxation techniques, your hypnotherapist can help you cultivate a sense of ease and confidence to help you do just that.   

Several celebrities have been rumoured to use hypnotherapy to help them move on after relationships including Cheryl Cole (after her husband Ashley cheated) and Strictly Come Dancing Professional Camilla Dallerup (to help her get over ex-finance Brendan Cole). If you're interested in trying hypnotherapy, you can use our advanced search tool to find a hypnotherapist near you. 

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All therapists are verified professionals

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