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Gastric band surgery over virtual gastric banding

Obesity in the UK has increased over the years, according to official statics. In England, most people are overweight or obese. This includes 61.9% of adults and 28% of children aged between 2 and 15. This is a very worrying factor that there are far more people who are obese or overweight, than those with a healthy body weight. There are a lot of people who are unaware or ignorant, about the fact that being overweight or obese can cause serious health issues such as a heart attack, high blood pressure and diabetes. These are just to name a few. Health problems with being overweight or obese are costing the NHS £5 billion each year which is very worrying. This could be blamed on the increasing fast food culture in the UK, stress or other factors.

Over the years the public have become interested in gastric bands, as celebrities such as Fern Britton, Vanessa Feltz, Tina Malone, Al Roker and Randy Jackson have all had the gastric band operation.  The NHS also provide gastric banding, but the problem is, the NHS are very strict on who and who cannot have this weight loss procedure done, and if you are turned down then it could cost you between £5000-£10,000 to have it done privately. To have the operation through the NHS, there is a waiting list and you would need a BMI of over 40. You would have to question whether you can afford to wait that long, or to become that overweight and unwell. Even if you do qualify, you could still be refused if your GP or surgeon feels you would not do well after gastric band surgery.

The problem with gastric banding is that it is not 100% safe. Like with any surgery there are always risks and side effects. After a gastric band operation, you will be left with bruising and scaring. Once your gastric band is fitted and you adopt your new patterns with food, you may even vomit after you have eaten, particularly in the first few weeks. You may also develop an infection around your gastric band, have internal bleeding or develop blood clots.

An article in the paper suggested one individual had a gastric band fitted, and she managed to lose 10 stones in a short period of time. Two years on, she wishes she never had the surgery as she suddenly started to get a reflux. She could feel the stomach acid in her mouth rising and causing a burning sensation. This caused her constant pain and chocking. She eventually decided to have the gastric band removed and thought that this would be the end of her problems, but this was far from it. She eventually discovered her internal organs were damaged, and parts of her stomach had to be removed where the tissue had died. She almost lost her life.

The procedure of gastric band hypnotherapy could be a safer option. The procedure allows you to be convinced through the mind that you have had a virtual gastric band fitted without any of the risks that can be involved with surgical gastric band surgery. You do not have to wait a lengthy time for your appointment. It is also a much cheaper option than the real gastric bypass surgery and there is less recovery time. In fact you can go back to work on the same day you have had the band fitted.

The hypnotic gastric band procedure allows you to believe that the size of your stomach has shrunk, and then implants a virtual gastric band in the stomach allowing you to eat only small portions of food by clipping your stomach. This works in the same way as the real gastric bypass procedure, and you should feel full after eating just a small amount of food.

One of the key benefits of virtual gastric band, is that it will address any emotional or psychological issues as to why an individual began to overeat. This will help them in the long run to achieve their desired results.

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Written by Manjit Ruprai

Hi there, my name is Manjit. I am a qualified and highly experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist. I work with people from all walks of life. I have helped many people who have struggled with weight, phobias, anxiety, pain, stop smoking, confidence building, finding lost items through hypnosis and many more. My work has also grown in working with victims of narcissistic abuse.
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Written by Manjit Ruprai

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