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Gain the fresh feeling spring brings and spring clean your mind!

Now we have come to the end of the long dark days of winter, and spring has finally sprung with its lighter days and flowers beginning to blossom, our thoughts often turn to giving our home a deep clean. This rejuvenating process can leave your home feeling fresh and new…But did you know its possible to apply the same process to our minds?

Here’s five simple tips to achieve a mental spring cleaning, and improve your emotional and mental well being.

1. Make a schedule before starting to clean. Make a list- what are your goals, hopes or dreams? Are these things achievable? How long will it take for you to achieve them? What do you need to make your dreams a reality? And most importantly, whats the first step you need to take? After all, you couldn't spring clean your whole house in a day!

2. Always work from top to bottom. Begin with your head and clear out any negative thoughts - it may be negative or self-defeating ruling through your head, irrational fears pervading your thoughts, over thinking, or dwelling on painful memories. Hypnotherapy is great for replacing negative thoughts with positive suggestions and will help to reduce stress in your life.

3. Get rid of cobwebs in hard-to-reach corners. Get ‘dusting’ and blow away those cobwebs. Maybe you've been stuck in the same routine for so long. The spring is a great time to try something new. What do you want to do? Maybe its time to take up a new hobby, meet new people or try something creative outside of your comfort zone.

4. Open the windows - let the light and air in. After the long dark days of winter, try to get outside as much as possible, a walk in the fresh air always improves your mood. Take note of the beauty around you, even if its only noticing the beauty of flowers in a window box if you don't have the countryside nearby.

5. Declutter - what are you holding on to? Holding on to grudges, pain, or even bad habits that we’ve gained as a coping mechanism are only holding us back from our true potential. Hypnotherapy can help you to let go of these self defeating behaviours, and enable you to be the best version of you.

So grab your metaphorical duster and get spring cleaning your mind!

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