Freedom from anxiety and fears

If you could change the way you feel and respond to what worries you the most, whether it’s through fear or anxiety, would you make that change? 

Of course you would.

Increased anxieties and fears seemingly correlate with today’s hectic lifestyles, and this has been steadily escalating in recent years.

Anxiety can affect any of us at any time and can be brought on by a number of reasons, including stress, illness, uncertainty, trauma and irritability. While anxiety can be considered normal and indeed beneficial for short periods of time, such as when completing an exam or test, or finishing an important presentation for example, it can however, become debilitating and affect our mental and physical well-being if not dealt with appropriately.

Fear, on the other hand, generally indicates irrational thoughts and feelings that more often than not pose no real threat or danger. Such thoughts, usually triggered by a specific event, can lead to a change in behaviour and thinking patterns such as fleeing, increased heart rate and breathing often escalating into panic attacks, or ‘freezing’ on the spot. Thinking can also become impaired with a lack of clarity, judgement or the ability to make decisions. Fear is often triggered by an event, usually from childhood, which has been ‘consciously’ forgotten about as we mature, but which the subconscious remembers and therefore tries to protect us from experiencing again, hence the cycle of fear begins again if faced with a perceived threat or trigger.  

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for those who suffer from anxiety and fears, and can offer immeasurable support through helping clients switch from extreme levels of distress to calmer, considered responses through the process of engaging in a focused state of deep relaxation and positive suggestions.

Each of us has an innate ability to create or change how we react or view our lives and to control the effect this has on us. Hypnotherapy therefore, taps into that innate ability and helps to direct our objectives to produce positive, beneficial outcomes, while desensitising or removing the negative emotions associated with the trigger response to anxiety and/or fear. 

Numerous studies provide evidence for positive change through gene mapping and brain scanning. Such studies refer to ‘neuroplasticity’, which show neurons changing their growth and firing patterns with every new thought and experience. This is exciting evidence for Hypnotherapy and suggests that each time we strengthen and reinforce positive thoughts and feelings associated with a problem, we can literally change our minds to see a more positive outcome. This not only offers immense relief to those suffering from the debilitating effects of anxiety and fears, but also the opportunity to break those old outdated thought processes and replace them with new positive feelings and beliefs.

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Written by Lorna Johnson BSc (Hons), Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapist, DipNLP

Lorna Johnson is a fully qualified Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapist and member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy. Lorna combines a variety of skills and techniques such as Psychotherapy and Hypnosis to help her clients to achieve their full potential and overcome any mental and/or physical health problems.… Read more

Written by Lorna Johnson BSc (Hons), Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapist, DipNLP

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