Feelings did you say?


In therapy in general and with hypnotherapy, we work around cognitions, behaviours, memories, beliefs, resources and so much more; all in fluid, holistic, personalised approaches.

It happens that when a patient is asked about their feelings, some are not sure what to answer and sometimes suggest a behaviour instead of a feeling, and that's absolutely fine. A moment to hold, share and go through: What is it to feel?

Feelings are experimented:

  • In our brain - physiological functioning.
  • In our mind - beliefs system.
  • In our body - physical sensations.

All those 'locations' need to be approached with specific hypnotic techniques. Thanks to several pieces of research, it is recognised that feelings and symptoms are connected, hence the importance to acknowledge the feelings.

Feelings have to be understood with their opposite; their counter-balance. Hypnotherapy is aiming for a more stable balance and management of the issue addressed.

It is particularly interesting to work with hypnotherapy to address the feelings associated with an issue; indeed the body is a major media to express feelings.

Feelings give us a lot of information about ourselves and situations we go through; so we can decide to continue having them in our life or we can decide it is time for a shift.

You might even ask yourself on a regular basis: 

  • What is my feeling just now?
  • Where and how do I feel it?

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