Exam stress to exam success

Exam stress to exam success with hypnotherapy. Be confident in exams and improve your memory.

Do you start to panic at the first mention of exams? Then you are not alone. Exam nerves and stress happen to most of us. The right amount of stress can motivate us and keep us focused. Too much stress and anxiety and we lose focus on the important things, and our imagination and negative automatic thoughts take over. We start to panic and catastrophise.

Hypnotherapy can teach you invaluable techniques to improve your memory, revision skills and most importantly to feel confident within yourself that you can recall the information needed at the right time. Clients report that it’s the worry of their mind going blank at that vital moment that causes their anxiety.

Exam success depends as much on your state of mind, as it does on your academic ability. Hypnotherapy can help you walk into that examination room calm, confident and focused every time.

With the use of a gentle but deep relaxation, the sub-conscious mind will accept positive suggestions that will help you to strengthen your memory, increase confidence and change the way you think and behave for the better

A relaxed mind is a confident mind that will remember and recall information when needed, leading to exam success.

Would you like to be that calm, confident, successful person?

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Written by Karen Jones Dip Hyp CS, Adv Dip CP

I am a fully qualified, licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, working with clients of all ages in the peaceful setting of a small centre in Barns Green, West Sussex. I belong to the Hypnotherapy Society, a professional membership that insures that I am fully Qualified and keep up with my Continued Professional Development obligations.As well as a Hypnotherapist, I am an Advanced Level counsellor, psyc… Read more

Written by Karen Jones Dip Hyp CS, Adv Dip CP

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