Everybody’s phobia is funny but yours!

One day, Mrs X went along to see a hypnotherapist. When she walked in, she was a little nervous. So was the hypnotherapist, but he was trying hard not to show it! So after a few pleasantries, they talked about the weather, the journey here and how busy she was at work.

Then the hypnotherapist asked, "so how can I help?".

"Pigeon’s!" she said. "Pigeons... they are everywhere! They are dirty, smelly, and stink!."

The hypnotherapist was desperately trying to hold back his inner smile, asking Mrs X "so can you tell me a little more?".

"Well, it’s pigeons! When I walk down my local high street, they are everywhere…". Mrs X then went on to explain in great details the exact whereabouts of all the pigeons in the local high street and where they could be found: Above the jewellers, in the second floor window above HSBC Bank, on the clock tower... the detail was amazing, and it gave the hypnotherapist a whole new vision of the high street!

One of the thoughts which sprung to the hypnotherapists mind was to be more vigilant... especially when walking up the local high street.

To the average person this really wouldn’t seem important and they may well live with the issue, but to the client, the  main point came when she told the hypnotherapist that some pigeons had flown down to pick up some food on the floor near her. She had run into the road to avoid them, and was almost knocked over by a passing car. Obviously anything that causes a near death experience is serious (a problem is only a problem if it’s a problem to you!). Having nearly died from the incident, this was a severe problem for the client!

Problems such as these are sometimes caused by significant events, a point in time in our past when an event happened and the memory and its associated behaviours, and feelings, are stored in the unconscious mind at that time. Whenever we find ourselves in a similar situation, we recall that memory, and sometimes relive the feelings, and behaviour pattern associated with it... the behaviour of a child in this case.

Using hypnotherapy, they were able to reframe the memory (change the way the client felt and behaved in this situation), help the client think about the incident differently and see pigeons in a different way!

The client very soon found themselves able to able to walk among the pigeons in the local high street, and even throw down some food for them to eat! Amazing!

So, the moral of my story is “a problem is only a problem, if it’s a problem to you”. Do you have any challenges, issues or needs that are causing you problems at the moment? If so, get in touch with a qualified therapist and working together you will find a solution.

Problems don’t have to be problems for life!

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Written by Robert Donnelly Anxiety Specialist

Rob Donnelly is a qualified cognitive hypnotherapist and loves helping people to be the best they can, overcome anything that may be holding them back, to get their lives back in the flow and help them to live a more full and complete life.… Read more

Written by Robert Donnelly Anxiety Specialist

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