Empathy... the way forward

Keeping things simple but effective! Is this the way forward? If we look at the human race we often query why actions are taken and words are spoken. This often impacts on our ability to function for the day and possibly even longer. Unable to clear our mind of what we have witnessed or even experienced first hand. If we are all truthful we know what it is like to be on the receiving end of someone's harshness. Perhaps we have, at some point been the perpetrator? Hello! This is only human? For how can we be perfect? To find perfection in a human is virtually impossible. So let us consider minimalizing this negativity and bringing it to the awareness of the public.

Empathy! The way forward.

To empathise is to understand and have experienced [if not literally, in theory] the day to day feelings and stories of the lives of all those around us. We can even go beyond humans and enter the extended family all living creatures. The impact of the actions of others can be detrimental to our safety, peace of mind and the way we live our lives. So how do we create a world where people and animals live without the cruelty of words and actions?

Well, here we go! To show empathy is to appreciate how the recipient will feel both emotionally and physically. What will be the result of this action, be it short term or long term? How will that life then impact on others? This can be a never ending spiral of potential disasters if the link is not made early enough to recognise the signs of "empathic behaviour".

So how do we [the people] create a more calm and positive way forward? We reflect on our own life. We not only respect our very existence we demonstrate this by showing an understanding that goes beyond our own needs! The ability to listen and understand that we can appreciate others, in what they do and in what they say. But is this enough? Well, it certainly creates a more receptive listener! Someone who is prepared to focus away from their needs and almost live the life of the other person. All be it briefly! This diverts our inner thoughts, our personal preferences and focuses on other ways of seeing the world and individuals.

The benefits of this empathy are beyond good they are extremely helpful. If we are in a position as the listener to have similar experiences in life to those of our fellow humans then we need to channel that lesson to help those free themselves of emotional and physical discomfort.

A responsibility we have for every living creature!

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