Emotions - you own them, they belong to you

Our emotions can take us to the giddy heights of pure delight, or drag us down to the pits of despair. Our emotions belong to us, and no one can control them or make us feel in any way. In fact, even we can’t control the emotions we feel - we can only control how we react to them.

Our emotions are messages from our own unconscious mind - messages that are based on our own life experience and beliefs - and they are part of a normal and healthy life.

We are all born with a default setting of happiness; we are all born happy and it can be life’s experiences that change this. Imagine that we have an emotional bucket, full to the top at birth with happiness.

When we have emotions such as grief, hurt, worry and anger, and they are not worked-through by us, they fill that bucket and weigh down the happiness. The happy emotions then start to sink down to the bottom, and if we have other, negative people that drain out emotional energy, the happiness sinks all the way down to the very bottom of the bucket.

If our emotional bucket is so full of all the negative and difficult emotions, you will start to experience physical symptoms such as:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • low self-esteem

You may start to lose your joy for life.

When we feel emotions that are painful or uncomfortable we ignore them, bury them deep inside us and carry on with life, but as we continue through life filling that internal hidden space with all out our hurt, grief, anger etc, it is all still there and doing its damaging work. Not only can avoiding emotions impact your relationship with yourself and others, but they can also cause you physical and emotional pain.

You deserve to have a chance to enjoy life and not to constantly carry past pain with you into future. No matter what you have experienced, you deserve to have a happy future.

No matter what you are feeling, acknowledge your emotions, accept what you are feeling and decide what you wish to do with to them or how you want to act. This may be talking about them or processing them through in your own mind.

There are several tools you can use yourself to gently work through emotions and self-hypnosis, and visualisation is one of them.

DIY visualisation technique

  • Sit comfortably and pick a spot high up on the wall or ceiling; keep this spot the focus of all your attention, imagine your eyes are getting heavy and heavier and just allow them to close gently.
  • Imagine now that you are in a special safe place, just for a minute or two. You can make this anywhere you want and you can make it for you - a place you feel safe, secure and comfortable.
  • Now focus of all your attention on your breathing, deep breaths in and out... notice how your body moves with each breath, keeping all your thoughts on every muscle relaxing more and more. Take a deep breath in your mouth and a long breath out of your nose.
  • Bring your attention down to your heart, as if your mind is just sitting in your heart, safe and at peace. Notice all the different boxes you have stored in your heart, all tied with bright coloured ribbons, like little parcels. Some are very heavy and some not quite so heavy; each parcel holds an emotion that you have locked away in a box. Your heart wrapped them in a ribbon to give them back to you to release as a gift.
  • Choose the emotion you wish to release, the pain you wish to no longer carry. Pick the box that holds this tight inside you and just notice the colour and the weight of the box. Now watch the ribbon just fade away and the box start to disappear in front of you, that emotion just floating in the air as it is freed.
  • Start to notice how the colour changes and the painful feeling starts to fade with every breath you take. Those old emotions leave your body with every breath, and with every breath in you breathe in peace and comfort; soothing, comforting warmth filling up your whole breath, bringing calm and comfort.
  • Notice how much lighter you feel - allow that sense of freedom to fill your mind and body. Continue to use your imagination and mind to make all the changes you wish for. You can repeat this as often as you wish; the important part of this is that you are no longer hiding your emotions away, that you are acknowledging them and setting them free.

Hypnotherapy can achieve real results to help with emotional and physical pains.

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Written by Susan Watson, Anxiety, Emotions and Trauma

Susan Watson is a senior qualified hypnotherapy practitioner and supervisor (GHSC), champion for CNHC. MHFA and ASIST trained.
Member of the College of Medicine and SHF. Susan specialises in working with anxiety based conditions and is an Anxiety UK approved therapist as well as training her own courses in supporting clients with anxiety.… Read more

Written by Susan Watson, Anxiety, Emotions and Trauma

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