Embarassed by blushing?

It has happened to most people at some stage in life. Reading this you may be recalling memories of being the centre of attention as you felt the all familiar heat rise to your face making the sense of self consciousness even worse. As we get older and our confidence grows we tend to manage situations better than when we were young but for a significant number of people the problem can get worse instead of better.

If you are one of these people the symptoms can be overwhelming; feeling hot, palpitations, sweating, shakiness, and that awful feeling inside. We can then become scared of it happening again and feel anxious in between times as well as the situations we feel embarrassed in becoming wider. Trying to manage the situation can feel like a full time occupation however there is something you can do about it.

First of all realise that there is an intention to your blushing in the first place. This is your unconscious detecting some kind of threat and instigating the flight or fight response by releasing adrenaline into the system. This is causing the autonomic nervous system to cause the redness in the face and in some cases the blotching of the neck. Trying to think your way out of the problem can often make it even worse.

So rather than trying to manage this situation, it is far better to get back to the cause by exploring why your unconscious thinks it's a good idea to put you into protection mode. To do this, revisit the memories connected to earliest events you have had and look, as an adult, into how that situation could be interpreted now. These childhood events can have meanings such as not feeling good enough, not wanting to be the centre of attention, not saying anything for fear of making a mistake.

The list is endless, but by reframing these old meanings you can change the emotional charge given to situations your unconscious detects as being the same threat as way back then. Everyone’s life experience is different but when things happen to us when we are young we tend to run patterns of behaviour these days that does not reflect the up to date version of you. This includes blushing. 

Cognitive hypnotherapy can really help people understand why they blush. By bringing the meanings from the unconscious into conscious awareness clients can see how much more in control they can be. Meanings from the past can be reframed to provide a more useful pattern of behaviour which includes losing the need to become embarrassed and red. Hypnotic suggestion patterns can then help set a course for a new positive future with the client being free from the limitations of the past.

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Written by Christine Black Anxiety Specialist and Suicide Prevention Coach

Christine Black is an experienced practitioner having trained in Cognitive Hypnotherapy at The Quest Institute and is a monthly guest ask the expert on BBC radio. Christine runs her own therapy centre called The Changing Room in Bushey, Hertfordshire. Christine is registered with the NCH and NCHC.… Read more

Written by Christine Black Anxiety Specialist and Suicide Prevention Coach

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