Eliminate binge eating by saying no to diets

If you are a binge eater reading this on Hypnotherapy Directory, you are probably thinking about get hypnosis help for your problem. You would perhaps love to ring one of the hypnotherapists on the site and ask for help to lose weight, to stop eating large quantities of sugary or fatty foods. You are probably hoping that with a little help you can boost your willpower and motivation to diet to finally stop your behaviour for good. Well I can tell you that by asking for weight loss help for your problem, you will probably make the binge eating worse. Instead great binge eating hypnotherapy helps you to stop dieting for good.

You see binge eating is usually partly fuelled by dieting. If you take food away from a binge eater then they will usually begin to crave it more. They may last a few hours, a day or even longer without a binge but then something will snap and they will consume a mountain of food in a short space of time. This makes them feel embarrassed, ashamed, upset and creates anxiety and stress. So they resolve to never let it happen again and restrict their calories further. Before they know it a whole cycle of negative behaviour is repeated again and again.

How can hypnosis help binge eating?

Understanding your body better – As hypnosis is a deep state of focused relaxation it is possible to become more in tune with your body and the way that it feels. Through the use of mindful eating and hypnotherapy you can learn to listen to when your body feels hungry and when it feels full. You can also start to recognise the trigger emotions that may make you feel like overeating and find strategies to deal with the underlying emotion.

Reduce stress and anxiety – Binge eating tends to get worse the more stressed and anxious you may feel. If you are undergoing exams, breaking up with a partner or are having difficulty at work then you are more likely to experience the need to overeat. Hypnosis sessions as well as self-hypnosis for binge eating can help you to get rid of some of this stress so that you are able to feel calmer and more in control.

Tackle any underlying emotions – It is not unusual for a binge eater to also have issues with their self-esteem or confidence. These problems will usually have begun in childhood. Analytical hypnosis can enable you to discover the unhelpful thoughts that may underpin part of your problem. Once you are aware of what these are, your hypnotherapist can help you to begin the process of changing how you feel.

Finally – Most importantly your hypnotherapist should never put you on a diet or ask you to restrict your food intake. Diets only fuel binge eating therefore the old urge to diet needs to be placed at the back of your mind. Suggestion hypnosis and positive visualisation can be used to help you stay on track.

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Written by Martina McKeough, HPD, Dip NLP, SQHP, Supervisor GHR, BA (Hons)
Newark-on-Trent NG24 & Nottingham NG2

Martina McKeough is a senior qualified hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy supervisor for the General Hypnotherapy Register. Martina's work has featured in The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail and Natural Health Magazine. Purchase her self hypnosis downloads in Itunes, Google Play or Amazon.

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