Drink and Drug addictions

A lot of people take recreational drugs now and then and/or drink too much on occasions. So how do you know when 'too much' is becoming too much? The deciding factor is not simply the quantity consumed. Each individual as their own particular story and cycles. So how can you gauge if you have developed an addictive behaviour?

Become aware if your thinking is dominated by alcohol or drugs. For example if you are continuously anxious that you might not get enough. If you are making any excuse possible in order to binge. If you drink hastily and without real enjoyment, just to feel the kick. If you start to make excuses to others and to yourself.

Question yourself to find out if you are using alcohol or drugs to alleviate stress and emotional upsets. Or to make you feel better or more confident, i.e. in social situations. Try to be honest with yourself and explore what emotions you attach to alcohol or the substance of choice. Ask yourself what you expect them to do for you.

Once you gained some clarity then look back at recent situations and question if they have fulfilled your expectations. If they've given you what you wanted from them. And did they really lead to only positive experiences? And how was the next day, the next days? If you want to cut down your consumption or stop completely then it is useful to list out and remind yourself of any negative experiences and sensations connected with your binging.

Abusing drinks and drugs for a long time might have cut you off from your real desires and needs. You might have turned numb to your real emotions. In that case it can be good to take an honest look inside and establish what it really is you are after. And to think through and list out some alternative behaviours and healthier ways of coping with things.

If the influence is strong on your current life you might find it helpful to work this through with a therapist. Hypnosis can help to shift the attitude to alcohol and substances as well as the expectations and emotions liked with them. It can also help to try out and practice alternative behaviour patterns in a safe environment.

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