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We are slaves to the clock, put under ever more pressure in our lives, hit a quota or deadline and the bar is raised or moved higher, work extra hours and then your almost expected to for little or no reward. Juggling balls labelled: family, work, food, holidays, exercise, bills, car, garden, sleep, birthdays... on and on it goes, more and more balls added until pop! You simply stop juggling, unable to focus on the simplest of tasks, things you used to do with ease become giant obstacles to be overcome, fear grips you giving a presentation or walking out on stage, yet it is something you have done hundreds of times.

Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways and so can its origins, the key is to accept you need to take a deep breath and step back, let the balls fall where they may, you can pick some of them up again later, but first you need to give time to recharge and heal yourself.

I have seen anxiety take so many forms: anger, jealousy, panic attacks, phobias, OCD, angina, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, stuttering, over eating and I can go on and on. The simple truth is that these conditions are all driven and a gifted hypnotherapist can help you connect with what's driving them. Think of the journey like the hypnotherapist is the plug socket and you are the plug, you fit perfectly together through excellent trust and rapport, then hit the switch and the light bulb goes on in your head!

Once you hit that point it's incredibly cathartic for you the client and incredibly rewarding for me. There can be tears of joy on both sides, but either way, you are never the same it's the platform from which your next step is into positive transformation.

Hypnotherapy along with NLP and havening are real tools in the real world that in the hands of a gifted practitioner can truly connect you with the hooks still in you from the past, lift them and allow you to reconnect with your true self as you step towards a different, exciting rewarding future.

I would love to take that first step with you, but if you can't work with me then find someone in your area with a reputation as a go-to guy or girl you can trust.

We don't do magic, but we can give you the wand when you realise the magic is truly inside you, maybe it's time you let it out!

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Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 9EU

Written by Positivity Rules - Mark Marsland - Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Public Speaker

Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 9EU

Mark Marsland qualified in 1988 and is a sports/life coach as well as a hypnotherapist, he was part of the Millionaire Mindset program along with Duncan Bannatyne and other UK entrepreneurs and has a real passion for helping those who have tried everything else and expect very little when they come to him as a last resort.

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