Don't quit on stopping smoking

Perhaps you have tried going cold turkey, nicotine patches, nicotine gum or even medication, but you still haven’t been able to put the habit out for good.

I am here to deliver some good news; you are much more likely to succeed if you give it another serious attempt. Scientific research has shown that the more times you attempt to stop smoking, the likelihood of you becoming a non-smoker increases dramatically.

You are probably aware of all the detriments to your health of continuing to smoke. Simply listing all the ways you will benefit from stopping smoking hasn’t been enough - although just in case it helps, one fact is that worldwide one person loses their life every six seconds due to this habit. You can avoid becoming part of this statistic.

Motivation is crucial.

Decide on your "why?"

The more motivated you are to stop, the more likely that you will be able to put this habit down once and for all. Get a pen and paper and make a list of all the meaningful reasons for you to stop smoking.

These reasons need to mean something to you at an emotional level, this could involve being around for your family, watching your children or grandchildren grow up. The more emotionally meaningful the reasons are to you, the better.

What will your future be like?

Project your mind forward in time and imagine what your life will be like if you decide to carry on smoking or by deciding to put the habit out for good. Picture the contrast between the two lives you could lead. See and feel the difference between this two opposing futures.

Ten years from now, what’s different about your life? Maybe you are now much calmer and less worried about the health consequences and financially better off.

Make a date

Make a firm and specific commitment to stopping. Choose a certain date where you begin your new life. Don’t do it in half measure or you will be tempted to go back when a certain situation arises.

Say to yourself, "This is it once and for all". Make your commitment public, tell as many people as you can. Doing this will increase your belief system in your ability to stop and significantly increase your chances of becoming a non-smoker for life.
Hypnotherapy can help you stay motivated. Quitting a habit can be very difficult when done on willpower alone and this is where hypnotherapy can help. A hypnotherapist can work with you to push away the moments of weakness, they will teach you how to stay in control and on track.

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