Does your hypnotherapist read from a script?

Many years ago... when I was learning the highly effective techniques of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnosis, I learned as a NLP practitioner the power of trance (your unconscious really is powerful!), and people really can access answers within themselves... and now... what I have learned is to be creative, to guide trance, elegantly and creatively... and the pleasure and the power is in the dance... off script...

Interestingly, as I learnt better than I realised many years ago, the script is in the client... the client is the script... and it could be observed or said that the skillful therapist, who is 'present' with the client, becomes the script created between client and therapist, it is like a rhythmic dance.  The answers emerge and are generated from within this creativity co-created.

And I find... trust is important... if it is good for the client, and if it is good for the therapeutic relationship, I believe it is equally good for the, in this case, hypnotherapist. 

One of my clients reported having been to a previous hypnotherapist and was shocked to open her eyes and see the hypnotherapist was reading from a script in a book. The rapport was smashed and the level of confidence for the client, she said, was fading away. It felt like a fraud, she described, as she believed she was investing in an authentic hypnosis experience.

While I appreciate, the right to deliver hypnotherapeutic interventions, that a practitioner may consider supporting the process, I think in this case I agree with my client. There is a greater art in the generation of an experience in connection with the client and hypnotherapist. Adapting to the breathing.... the rhythm... creating and generating metaphors... and key language utilised by the client... adapting the messages... deepening in accordance with the client's responsiveness to the hypnotic journey within.

For the hypnotherapist, if you can enjoy the wording in a script then you can learn to discover the joy and art of generating new ideas... it's true... and this means he or she is in the process of developing and exploring the art a stage higher or deeper still.

For the client, or potential, remember to ask the hypnotherapist you choose, more questions to understand how the hypnotic journey will be guided, developed and created, in accordance and in rapport with, your needs and the unique and wonderful qualities of who you truly are: A living, breathing, human being, with the right to create and generate and if you desire it, write your own life script, through your choices and capabilities, within.

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