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Do you suffer childhood sexual abuse in silence?

Were you told to keep quiet as a child? The familiar sayings are children should only speak when spoken to. Children should be seen and not heard. 

What happened when something happened to you and you really needed to tell someone? Did nobody listen? Or worse still, you told someone what was troubling you and they scoffed at you and told you not to be so stupid and that you are just making it up.

Maybe, as an adult you still have secrets and find it hard to communicate. You may have found yourself in dominating relationships where again you are being told to shut up and that your opinion doesn’t matter.

Isn’t it about time you draw a line right under your life? How good would it feel to move on from a troubled past and into a bright new future? Surround yourself with people that you care for and they care about you and value your opinion. 

Instead of being quiet stand up and say “Whoopee, it feels great to be me!”

Whatever, happened in the past made you the person you are today. If you are ready for change then hypnotherapy can help you quickly and effectively.

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Written by Deborah Baxter Trauma Therapist specializing in PTSD Trauma

Deborah Baxter GQHP, MFHT, LHS Hypnotherapy can help you let go of a wounded past, draw a line right across your life and be the person you want to be. Confident, happy and at peace. Registered member of National Hypnotherapy Society, General Hypnotherapy Register and The Federation of Holistic Therapists. Deborah is based in Fareham, Hampshire.… Read more

Written by Deborah Baxter Trauma Therapist specializing in PTSD Trauma

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