Do you really want to lose weight?

Imagine just for a few moments that losing weight could completely change your life. How does it feel? Surely it is a wonderful feeling. And here comes a word so often used - BUT. But what if reality is different? Are we able to see the real issue? Why this question? Because knowledge how to lose weight is available. The problem is that we can't keep up motivation, so everything else is more important than a regime for achieving our goal. We see that overcoming obstacles is harder than we expected. Then comes the second thought: what if there is someone who can change the way we feel so that we'll be able to keep up motivation?

Furthermore, we can see that we do everything possible, but there is no result. Let's point out the fact that if you feel emotionally drained, you will gain weight and won't change your eating habits or exercise. This means that your emotional state has an influence on your goal of losing weight. So, once again what if reality lies where we can't see it? Of course, intuitively we are looking for a solution, BUT subconscious talks are hidden in symbols behind metaphors. For instance, generally speaking, losing weight means searching for fulfilment. If we follow this example, we have something in life that does not have a solution in our perception - or maybe does in future, but we don't see what it could be. So we choose to fight or flee, and in the case of fleeing we look for something that can fulfill us. One option is food, but generally this could be in the area of addictive personality. It doesn't necessarily have to be food.

This is just a brief description of how complex weight loss could be. Basically, it is connected to every area of life and all that is included. The question remains: what creates the long-lasting effect? The first option is direct - to start believing that the body is losing weight, and so forth. The second option is to look at it from a wider perspective and work with its parts, such as the ability to cope with unexpected situations or with confidence and so forth. Why? Improving confidence means that you will be able to be consistent. Improving coping strategies will give you an impression that you are successful, able to achieve your goals, thus more concentrated.

We can follow the idea that improving each personality trait can have an influence on the goal of losing weight. The final stage is about the framing of our belief about our body and our relationship with it. Experientially, an option of working with personality traits and the body can create a longer-lasting effect than an option of working with a different belief only about our body.

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