Do you have a fear of injections or needle phobia?

If the thought of receiving an injection at your GP Surgery or hospital fills you with a desire to run a mile, or perhaps an intense sick feeling deep down in your stomach, you are not alone! In fact, some studies suggest you are amongst 20% of the population who avoid medical or dental treatment as a result.

However, if you want a holiday in a country where you need a series of vaccinations or you need medical intervention, well, it’s time to take the bullet and get some help!

Help will only be a phone call away. Your local hypnotherapist will be sympathetic to your needs and lead you through a therapeutic journey, to release and disconnect these fears.

Treatment may include:

  • Exploring the relationship of fear to needles/injections. Your subconscious mind and biology is creating the sensation of fear to protect you, to keep you safe from pain and danger. Working with this sensation of fear and embracing it, enables the subconscious to turn right down the intensity, from "I’m going to run away and I can’t help it"; to "a little nervous but it’s OK".
  • Discuss epigenetic ancestral predispositions, which help trigger fear from sights, sounds, smells, and other sensory awareness’s. Before you were an adult, you were a baby. Before you were a baby you were two separate cells, an egg and a sperm. These two cells carry biological instincts that create feelings and emotions, that are triggered when the appropriate events arise in your life. Biologists now understand how traumatic events experienced by generations of your ancestors create epigenomes, which flow though to you and create your predisposition to fears and phobias. Your subconscious will have an awareness of ancestral traumatic events associated with needles/injections and will trigger your fear to enable you to avoid the same trauma. Your therapist may explore your subconscious perceptions and release these influences upon you.
  • Discuss your memories of injections and needles and work through and release feelings that arise.
  • The fast phobia cure and other hypnotherapy techniques to disconnect unwanted feelings.

You will be surprised at how quickly you transform and move on with your life.

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All therapists are verified professionals

All therapists are verified professionals

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