Can you be more determined in seven days?

Great self-esteem! Gentle confidence!

We can identify seven areas of your life that will completely change how you behave in one week! In fact the only thing you can change in a week is your own behaviour. If you can change the way you react to the situations and people in your life, you find that you get very different reactions to your new behaviours. You are the captain of your own ship! It is up to you to decide which direction to go in!

1) Never, never, never look back!

You cannot change the past, so dwelling on this is an absolute waste of time and energy. From today onwards, you are going to use that energy to drive your ship forward.

2) Look after your ship!

Your body is where you live. You need to take very good care of it. Good diet and exercise will improve the general running of your ship. I know you have heard it all before, that’s because it’s true. You wouldn’t set sail on the stormy seas of your life in a leaky old boat now would you? Feeling proud of your body, and sure it will be up to the job, gives you the confidence you need. It also improves mental capacity. So get to work! Change those habits you have been meaning to address for ages. Being overweight, smoking, having a salty fatty diet all makes for a lethargic body. The new you has no time for that!

3) Train your mind!

As your body gets stronger and stronger, so you can train your mind. You can make a list of all the habits that are bringing you down. You can get rid of them.

  • chronic worrying
  • being antisocial
  • taking things too personally (being too sensitive)
  • not caring enough (being insensitive)
  • being too pessimistic (expectations too low)
  • being too optimistic (high expectations)
  • learning to keep things real takes practice.

4) Be kind!

From now on… today. You are going to change your list! You can start by being nice to everyone. A smile is always catching. If you feel fed up - smile, If someone is rude to you - smile! It makes them smile back, or feel uncomfortable about their rudeness (great either way!). Do a good deed every day if you can. You have nothing to gain but benefits from this. It will help you start to feel good about yourself, and improve your life beyond your wildest dreams.

Try it!

5) Be nice!

Spend time with your family and friends! Don’t forget that birthday! Make lists if you need to. If you have to make a ‘family’ out of your friends then make a start. The quality of your relationships means everything to your well-being.

Like everything else worth having, it requires work and effort. Be the first to call, the one to pick everyone up, the one to organise the trip, the one who lets the matter drop. Your self-esteem will improve in leaps and bounds and everyone’s a winner!

6) Slow down!

Practice mindfulness. Meditation is another good thing. Being in the moment can take some practice, but will reap massive rewards. Take time to appreciate what is around you. Nature, industry in action, even admire the fruit when you are shopping. You will find there is always something nice to admire if only you take the time to notice! Stop always thinking about the next thing you are going to do or say. Think about the now! It will give you the mental strength to steer your ship into the ports you want to stop at. Worrying about things that may never happen saps your energy. Learn to direct your thoughts to where you want them to be. Dwelling on the negative will not help your peace of mind. Slow down and protect yourself from wild imaginings!

7) Challenge yourself!

As if I haven’t given you enough to do! Try to do something new every day! A new food, a new route to work? Look at the birds instead of other motorists. How about a new hobby? Learn to dance/coo/speak French? Anything that will widen your horizons, make you think, or meet new people.

How you manage the stress in your life will be one of your greatest achievements or most dismal failures of your life. It will affect everything! This is the key to happiness. There is no such thing as a perfect life, just a life that is perfect for you. Put these few tips into practice, and notice a difference in a very short time! What do you have to lose?

Always ask for help if you need it. Always be ready to help someone else if they ask.

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Written by Julia Birtwistle

I am a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist and life coach. I am a member of the hypnotherapy society and therefore bound by an ethical code of conduct and confidentiality.
I am a fully qualified life coach, completing my training at the Oxford Collage of Life Coaching.
I have a high rate of success, helping people achieve the best.… Read more

Written by Julia Birtwistle

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