Dentistry and hypnotherapy

Most people say they don't enjoy going to the dentist, but for some it is terrifying. There are more dental sedation clinics and cosmetic dentists springing up and who wouldn't say no to a mouth of healthy pearly whites?


Hypnotherapy treatment can make this possible and save patient costs (in time and money) required for dentistry under sedation. When people find out how many different dental related problems hypnotherapy can help with, they are often quite surprised.

As well as dental fears and phobias, more and more people report an exaggerated gag reflex which occurs when they are cleaning their own teeth, when seeing a dental hygienist or having any dental work done, this often means the dental patient feels frightened of choking, embarrassed about gagging, fearful of interrupting the dental work at a important moment, biting the dentist, or being sick, so much so that they avoid attending for regular check ups and this means when they do attend the fear has really built up even more.

Teeth grinding / bruxism (related to stress and anxiety) is a distressing experience, people often report waking with jaw and headaches as a result of continually clenching and grinding and it becomes an unwanted habit.

Fear of injections and needle phobia is also common in dental patients, and the soft tissue of the mouth is particularly sensitive. Hypnotherapy can be used to decrease the pain felt and overcome needle phobia.

White coat syndrome is a lay term for general fear of any medical appointment (with for example: a GP, hospital consultant, the dentist...) it is commonly seen in patients with high blood pressure who become so anxious of having their blood pressure taken at the doctors surgery that their blood pressure goes up and gives a false high reading.

In addition, dentists see teeth which have been affected by years of smoking, over consumption of alcohol and bulimia (due to self-induced vomiting). Teeth reflect our overall health and dental neglect can be a sign of the overall self-neglect, which often goes hand in hand with depression. All of which, hypnotherapy can help with. It's time to make an appointment and start smiling again!

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