Dangers of regular cannabis use

Researchers from Columbia University Medical Centre have published details in Molecular Psychiatry journal on their studies of the brain workings of cannabis users who have daily use.

They found evidence of a compromised dopamine system in heavy users. Lower dopamine release was found in the stratium - the region of the brain associated with working memory, impulsive behaviour and attention. This must be particularly worrying to parents of youngsters who are experimenting, in what are still their formative years

Dopamine is the natural feel good chemical that our bodies release when we exercise, when we get excited, and when we are completely relaxed. Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs are also known to be shortcuts to instant dopamine release. Previous studies have shown that heavy use of drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, lessens the impact of these drugs on dopamine release. This new research shows that the same effect comes from heavy cannabis use.

Hypnotherapy can play an important role in changing this situation. Hypnotherapists can help people to give up their addiction to cannabis use, as well as heroin and cocaine use. They can teach people to relax themselves completely and release those feel good chemicals without the need for stimulants. They can raise peoples self-esteem and get away from the depressive thoughts that may have encouraged drug use in the first place.

No matter how caught up people seem to be - hypnotherapy can help.

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Written by Matthew Hall MCH

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Written by Matthew Hall MCH

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