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Creating positive change: How hypnotherapy can help with relationship issues

I wonder have you ever been sailing? What would you think if you were caught in a storm at sea? If you have been in a storm then you may be able to easily revisit your experience and you may find it frightening.

The use of metaphors in hypnotherapy is common this is because our “subconscious “mind understands the language and this helps us to create parallels with an experience or a situation.

Life can sometimes feel like we are sailing through a storm, this is especially common when we are going through a break up of a marriage, a relationship or a divorce. We can really feel adrift, we may feel like we are being blown off course and not have any idea where we will find a chart to steer us through treacherous waters and we may not know how to set down our anchor so that we can find peace and rest whilst the winds of change hurl around us.

If you are going through a break up you may even feel as if your boat is going up and down as it launches itself from one huge wave into a swell, there may even be times when you feel as if you are sinking under the pressure of understanding how you can adapt to the hurt, the betrayal, or loss – of yourself, your future, your ideals and possibly your income, you may also feel direction-less, fearful and anxious and depressed.

This is where hypnotherapy can help you, the solution focused approach acknowledges distress but it focuses on success. This approach allows you to take small manageable steps so that you can rediscover what it is you need to be doing or thinking so that you can steer your boat forward into calmer waters.

Each session provides you with the opportunity to find a moment of calm so that you can face the journey ahead, there may be occasions when you feel out of control and it may seem as if your internal compass has lost its direction however what you can do is to rediscover the direction you want to go in by focusing on a solution this will help you steer your little boat away from a storm so that you can establish which route would suit you best.

When the process of trance is combined with the solution focused approach your intellectual mind is encouraged to establish new ways of doing things and when this is done repeatedly you create improved thinking styles which will help you to negotiate choppy seas, it is important that you receive the right level of  encouragement and positive support- so that you can regain the confidence you may need to ride the big waves so that you can indeed focus on a calm horizon as you sail through the rough and choppy periods of a relationship break up. Together we will acknowledge rise and falls of the tides as well as the swells, you can learn techniques that will help you feel safe, peaceful and relaxed so that you can steer your boat on a steady course through the stormy waters and into a harbour of calm.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have regarding relationships that are in crisis and how hypnotherapy can help you.

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