Coping after Divorce

The experience is of divorce is varied, but getting through all the changes and possible revelations about who your friends really are can affect everyone to an extent! You then have the task of moving on with your life. My advice is don't allow yourself to 'wallow' in the past; it stops you moving forward. Every day of your life is precious and you never get this day back again, so make the most of it. Decide each day how much time you are going to allow yourself to think about the past (in a negative way) and how much time you intend to dedicate to planning ahead (in a positive way).

Also before you 'jump in' to the dating game, whether on line or through local adverts, take the time to re-discover yourself.  This takes some courage, but pays dividends. Join clubs or pursue sports, hobbies and interests that you find enjoyable. You never know true friendship or even romance may come from this. Learn about the new you first, then look at the new friendships you might cultivate which enhance the new you; otherwise you could end up repeating a life style model from the past in the future that might not really be the best course for you.

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