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Consultant gardener or IT specialist to assist the mind

If you consider the mind as a garden which needs tending, a hypnotherapist can be considered as the consultant gardener who comes in to help you clear out the weeds, dead plants etc. Then the hypnotherapist provides new healthy plants to replace them, the information on how to maintain the garden in a healthy condition and the tools to do the job. The choice of whether to continue to maintain that garden in a healthy condition is up to you, the client.

There is a time honoured phrase in the computer world "rubbish in, rubbish out". Using that analogy if you consider the self-esteem as the main software programme, which allows all other information to be processed the more "rubbish" that is inputted the greater the effect that "rubbish" will have on the performance. Using various hypnosis techniques a hypnotherapist's job is to clear out the "rubbish" to allow you the client to perform more efficiently i.e. to be the person you are able to be or the person you want to be and enjoy a happier healthier longer life.

Whichever way you look at it the resolution is the same. A clear out is required. Consider for example, that during our lifetime we absorb information which creates our attitudes and behaviour patterns. If that information is mainly negative and has a negative effect on the self-esteem, our attitudes of self worth etc. become negative that results in acquiring props to help us cope (negative coping mechanisms).

Eventually the subconscious mind accepts all the negatives as being true, consequently when positivity is preferred, the subconscious will reject it as a lie. I have used this quote on many occasions and it is appropriate here. You cannot stack goods on a shelf that is full therefore, it is essential to perform a clearing or weeding out, to prepare the ground for new positive ideas to take root and be nurtured to a positive outcome and allow you back in control.

We often hear that the brain acts like a computer but human beings are not machines, and to me this is where the comparison breaks down. If we feed good information into a computer it will react in a predictable way, post that information into many other computers and they will also react in the same predictable way. We humans on the other hand are not predictable. We have free will and freedom of choice, so individuals will react in different ways to the same information. But you have to decide if you want to change and are you ready to change for the better and your future? If you continue to do the same things nothing will change. Unfortunately we humans fear change but F.E.A.R. stands for 'False Evidence Appearing Real'!

I consider that all the "software" or "plants" are stored in the subconscious mind as is all the incoming information, which comes in via the conscious mind and may or not be aware at the time depending on the level of concentration. As a hypnotherapist I suggest we should be considered as IT specialists or Gardening consultants. The client can be considered as the gardener or IT user who requires our expertise to help them make the required changes. We do this mainly by utilising trance, to by-pass the conscious mind and communicate directly with the subconscious mind. The software does not have an auto correct capability. We need conscious and subconscious tools to achieve this e.g. hypnosis, CBT, NLP etc. - this is an holistic approach of mindfulness.

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