Confidence begins within you...

Have you ever said to yourself or told someone, “I’m not a confident person" or "I have never been confident...”

Confidence is seen to be socially desirable. It is an attractive trait which we all possess. When someone is asked “what is a confident person?” typically one will respond or imagine an individual who can speak to large audiences or be able handle the pressures of his job easily. While this is true, the observer doesn’t consider the fact that the “confident” person knows what they want and they trust their own abilities. They only see a person they wish to be.

Although we do not perceive it to be, confidence can be apparent in the smallest of circumstances. It can be as little as the individual who engages in the same old routine every morning. The person draws on what he knows best, perhaps taking the same route to work. He is focusing on what he wants to do, not what he doesn’t want to do.

It is becoming more apparent in young adolescents to comply with the social pressures to be confident, to force themselves to look a certain way; to please others, even if it means to not think about themselves “I must look the way others want to see me” or “if I don’t do this what will they think?” Sure, it is only human to fit in the crowd and feel as one, but sometimes it can lead to a feeling of despair and the individual can settle for “I am not confident person”. However, this is a false fallacy. The individual forgets what they are good at and what they have achieved, no matter how small.

Think about this for moment: do you agree that an element of confidence is present from birth? If you answered yes, you’re right. It is surely a necessity to express some form of confidence in order to survive. As a child you screamed at the top of your lungs when you were hungry to make sure someone would take care of you, or when you were learning to walk you would fall down but carried on learning because you persevered. You kept trying when learning to ride a bicycle. You sprang out of bed in the mornings with exuberance and your imagination was excited.

How can hypnotherapy help me?

In the hypnotherapy profession, it is proposed that the confidence you had as a child is still within you. Using the most advanced techniques in hypnotherapy, attention is drawn to the inner and special qualities you possess. It is the pictures you create in your mind i.e. how you see yourself in the future, just five minutes from now can have a big impact in how you feel about yourself. Study how you speak to yourself, you can’t expect to feel confident if the thoughts you tell yourself concern negativity.

Allow hypnotherapy to help you discover your true abilities and potential, to focus on the positives. Feeling good about yourself can transform your life!

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