Communicating with confidence: How hypnotherapy can help

Everyone faces communication challenges in life, whether it’s not feeling like you’re communicating effectively or feeling afraid of communicating what you need to say.


Sometimes honest communication creates a feeling of awkwardness or confrontation. Maybe you fear judgement or don’t really know exactly what you want to say. Hypnotherapy can help you push past the barrier and find ways to communicate effectively so you feel heard and get your needs met.

One definition of communication is the process of negotiating the meaning. To me, this is relevant during a discussion, when there are two perspectives on something and the aim is to establish what the meaning is to each other. Communication is a way to connect and convey thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes you lose the message because of poor communication, you may use words that others don’t understand, or you can share the wrong message. If you don’t listen efficiently, you may miss the message. Good listening skills and knowing your message are cornerstones of quality communication. Hypnotherapy can help you develop your communication skills, keep reading to find out how.

Establish your message

When we feel overwhelmed, full of stress and anxiety it’s difficult to think clearly. When your body moves into the anxious state (the fight or flight response) the primitive brain takes more control and your conscious, thinking brain fades into the background. Techniques such as the five senses exercise will help reignite your humanness so you can focus. However, hypnosis is more effective.

Your hypnotherapist can help you understand how you feel and what you need. During your hypnosis session, you’ll use hypnosis to structure your thoughts so they’re no longer a swirling mess.

With your hypnotherapist, you will pull out the points you need to include in your message. You’ll take time to explore what you want to achieve through the communication and how to ask for anything you need. The hypnosis session will help you take the time to create an effective communication strategy instead of an outpouring of confused words.


An impediment to communication is fear. What will others think of you? What if it's awkward? What if you end up in an argument? So many anxieties that make it easier to suppress your message and carry on without sharing your thoughts, feelings and needs. Hypnotherapy sessions can help you find your inner confidence. You’ll begin to appreciate why confrontation, awkwardness and judgement don’t matter if you’re authentic and remain true to your moral code.

If you need help developing your sense of self, to determine your personal moral code, your hypnotherapist can help you with this. Together you’ll ask and answer questions that will help you craft an answer to the question “who are you?” With this, you’ll have a solid foundation to build your moral code and remain authentic. When you are authentic you have integrity, a powerful space that exudes confidence. You’re more likely to receive respect from others, which results in less arguing and more listening.

Feel comfortable with discomfort

Sometimes communication is uncomfortable. Perhaps you need to say something to someone that will cause upset, or you need to instil a boundary. Maybe you need to come clean about previous dishonesty. Regardless of what you need to communicate, no one really likes to feel uncomfortable. Mindfulness techniques can help you accept your feelings without judgment and surrender to any feelings that arise without trying to run away or suppress them.

Mindfulness techniques can help you become curious about the entire human experience so you step forward into previously difficult situations with an inquisitiveness about what will happen. What once felt uncomfortable will now feel interesting as you take the time to explore why you feel the way you do and what it means for you.

Your hypnotherapy sessions can help you practice mindfulness, you’ll also get time to explore the feelings, learn how to sit with them and feel comfortable no matter what arises.

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Farnham, Surrey, GU9
Written by Juliet Hollingsworth, MSc
Farnham, Surrey, GU9

Juliet is a trauma-informed therapist. Her passion is helping people reach their potential through a combination of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology. Juliet works online and face to face with clients across the world. (DHP Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. MSc Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal psychology.)

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