Coming to terms with death

When someone has died - whether it is a loved one, family friend or even a pet it can be the most difficult thing to deal with let alone accept. You feel like your heart has been ripped out, feel hollow inside and you expect to see them like you always do. You can experience many emotions from anger, lonliness, loss of appetitate, guilt, problems sleeping, depression, despair, loss of control, making yourself ill and feeling suicidal.

Some people find it hard to talk to you as they are not sure what to say or how you are going to react.

You find yourself asking the question, "why me?" or "why us?"

Hypnotheraphy can help you deal with grief by helping you to accept that the person had died, by letting go of the pain. It will help you focus on the positive and celebrate the life that you shared, you will feel privileged that you knew that person or animal and had spent quality time with them.

They chose you. You are ;ucky to have known them, as they chose you to share their life with.
Treasuring the memories and being able to talk about that person openly and freely can be a great way to deal with bereavement.

Hypnotheraphy will help you come to terms of accepting the death in a positive way and focusing on all the good things that you shared together.

Hypnotheraphy will help you to move on by lessening the pain but not forgetting them by giving your subconscious mind positive thoughts and finding acceptance so that the pain disappears. It can help get the subconcious mind and concsious mind to work together and accepting positive suggestions, changing your way of thinking and behavioural habits from negative to positive.

By not having the fear to talk about death and expressing how you feel and by talking openly, not having death as a taboo subject can really help.

Hypnotheraphy can help you to shorten the grieving period and help you to enjoy your quality of life.

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