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Cognitive hypnotherapy - Is anything really real?

When we are babies and young children, our memory banks are empty. We live a very guided life - food and shelter is provided by others and attending to our every need. As life happens we have experiences and these experiences populate our unconscious mind and form part of what cognitive hypnotherapy calls “Your model of the world”.

We all have unique models of the world formed by our experiences and how they affect us. I may like holidaying in the sun, you may loathe it. I prefer to relax by the pool you would very quickly get bored and need to be doing something more active. We are all different and that’s what makes us unique.

If we take this principle of our model of the world and expand it then it an help us to build what we call our 'reality tunnel'. There is no such thing as reality - we form our own reality based on our model of the world, as well as our thoughts, feelings and how we interpret situations and events.

A good example of there being no such thing as reality is taking the example of a chair. We look at a chair and see it as a place to rest, a place to sit, possibly something we could stand on if we need height. A child on the other hand could quite easily look at a chair and see food! A child has no real experience of a chair and thus has nothing to draw on. This is why they may associate it with the one thing they experience a lot - the need for food. So there is no right and wrong answer here. 

In a similar way, cognitive hypnotherapy does not have a one-size fits all model. Hypnotherapists work with a client's individual model of the world, and use their reality tunnels to help reframe the way they think about things and the way they may feel about them. Cognitive hypnotherapy can help you think freely, see a situation from a different perspective and help alleviate any discomfort it may have caused you in the past.

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Written by Robert Donnelly Anxiety Specialist

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I typically work with clients between the ages of 35 -65 who are suffering with some form of anxiety in their lives. This could show in them having feelings of panic, stress ,and being overwhelmend and feeling things are out of control.
Working with me, I help them get control of the anxiety so they can think, and feel differently,  no longer feeling panicked or overwhe… Read more

Written by Robert Donnelly Anxiety Specialist

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