Christmas phobia

Do you suffer from a phobia about Christmas?

The technical name is (christougenniatikophobia is the fear of Christmas)

That is one long-winded title for a phobia.

However, it is a branch of a phobia called heortophobia (fear of holidays).

Usually stemming from something that happened in early childhood like an unpleasant or bad event associated with Christmas.

There are many different phobias associated with Christmas and don’t worry you are not alone.

People often just suffer their way through the festive period thinking or believing they are different or no one will understand their fear.

How did you get this phobia or fear you wonder?

Let me explain and I am sticking to non-technical language now.

A phobia is different to a fear and is a learned behaviour, which often is linked to something that happened in childhood when our minds are just really developing.

It could be as simple as watching a respected adult maybe a parent or elder sibling react in a certain way and perhaps said something you overheard and at a young age you simply took on board that, this is how you behave or feel in certain situations [Christmas].

There really is no need to suffer through this as if you contact a hypnotherapist they will understand exactly what is going on and they will not be surprised to hear of your difficulty with Christmas (or any other phobia for that matter).

We as therapist spend a great part of our training dealing with these issues in real time.

Call a hypnotherapist and check if they specialise in phobias and even ask if they can treat your specific issue. I am pretty confident all will say yes.

Hypnotherapists are skilled in dealing with all manner of difficulties and phobias are only one of them. I care passionately about helping people, as do many others.

Stop suffering. Seek help and start enjoying the season of goodwill.

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All therapists are verified professionals

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