Christmas dread

Here we are at what, for many, is the happiest time of any year. I also know this is not the case for many, as there are a very large number of people who dread Christmas.

Happy families could be a good oxymoron; in fact, it is one I use to explain the meaning of the word. 'What has this to do with hypnotherapy?', I hear you ask. Stick with me to find out.

At this time of year, there are many parties as businesses prepares to close down, not to mention the ad-hoc social gatherings that colleagues arrange.

Some of you reading this will already be swallowing hard just thinking about these events, and some even sweating thinking about the social gatherings. This is before we get to the grand event of Christmas day.

How many of you wish Christmas day to be over asap? How many of you have what you might describe as a panic attack just thinking about the "happy" day? You might be "mum" stuck in the kitchen whilst everyone is drinking happy juice, laughing and joking whilst you slave away all alone. Alternatively, you might just want to be on your own and stuck feeling like you have to join in, wishing you had been brave enough to refuse an invitation. Others go away on holiday to avoid many of these situations, yet not everyone can afford this method of avoidance.

There is a solution. There is help available, and that help could well be hypnotherapy.

I can teach you a simple breathing exercise here, and I have listed one easy-to-learn method, best done in private. Find a place to sit quietly.

Breathing exercise

  • Using your finger, press on one nostril and, keeping the pressure on, take a deep breath in through the other nostril and hold until the count of four.
  • Then, move your finger to the nostril you breathed in, press on it and exhale through the nostril you held closed.
  • Keeping your finger on the closed nostril, take a deep breath in through the open nostril and hold it as above.
  • Move your finger from the closed nostril to the opposite nostril, press it closed, breath out through the open nostril and repeat as above.
  • Do this six times on each nostril.
  • Keep repeating this process and calmness will be the result; this can help get you through panicked moments.

Some people might be better finding a good hypnotherapist as there could well be a cause that you have this issue at Christmas or in social situations.

A skilled hypnotherapist can help you find the reason for this and assist you in changing your thoughts and emotions, and subsequently your behaviour.

This is all perfectly safe.

A skilled hypnotherapist can also help you change without looking for the cause, as not everyone wants to know.

We have intervention and change techniques we can use to help you keep you calm and also change your reaction to certain situations.

Visualisation techniques can be very beneficial, and a hypnotherapist acquainted with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) will be able to guide you through this.

Seek out a reputable therapist. Look for recommendations or ask friends (if you feel able to). Read reviews on their Google page. Contact them and ask questions, and when you feel you are comfortable, book a session. Do not continue to suffer in silence as this is not good for you. Calmness and well-being are important, so don't delay any longer.

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Written by John Dewar D.M.H. D.Hyp. CPNLP. EMDR. Dip.SMC. SQHP

UK Registered Learner Provider Number 10048797 UKRLP

I have been a successful hypnotherapist since 2003 and a training provider since 2006.
GHR Accredited.

Owner and principle trainer at John Dewar School of Hypnotherapy in Warwickshire.

I specialises in teaching hypnotherapists how to work with social related issues including phobic reactions.… Read more

Written by John Dewar D.M.H. D.Hyp. CPNLP. EMDR. Dip.SMC. SQHP

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