Choosing your life's direction

Are you choosing your life's direction?

Do you enjoy your career? Do you ever stop and appreciate the here and now instead of wishing away the week in order to get to the weekend? Are you happy with where life is taking you and how it is getting you there?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is 'no' then rest assured you are not alone. Many people tend to passively sit in the passenger seat allowing life to 'happen to them' rather than putting themselves in the driver's seat thus steering their own future.

Why are we as we are?

We do this as a result of our past and our life experiences. In one form or another all the content stored in your mind has been deleted, distorted and generalised by your own learned filters. What I mean by this is that we are a product of our experiences, so the things that we believe have been influenced by our circumstances from our earliest memories to this very moment in time.

What we see, hear, feel and experience throughout life contributes to the way that we see things. Our minds absorb an external event and then puts its own personal spin on it, which at times differs from the reality of the situation. Take the example of films. Many movies differ considerably from the book from which they were adapted, because the screenwriter or director saw things in a different way from the author. How you see your future is affected by your beliefs about your past. Many of us carry around 'luggage' in the form of negative beliefs and self imposed limitations which hinder us in creating the future we want.

Can we change this?

The good news is that armed with this knowledge it is possible to change and to create the future you want. Whether you seek help from a coach or therapist, or set out on a self-development programme, you can ditch those old, unhelpful beliefs, take control and choose your own direction. Are you ready to make the decision today? Remember, you can't take action tomorrow, tomorrow never comes...

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Written by Lorraine McReight D. Hyp, DCBT, FAPHP, MNCH (acc)

Hypnosis is an amazing tool for change and is very powerful. Most of my clients say that working with me makes a big difference in their confidence and resilience. The benefits of my therapy are likely to extend way beyond what you came for help with. My expertise is in complex emotional issues, trauma, anxiety (in all its manifestations), low self-esteem and imposter syndrome. I often work with c… Read more

Written by Lorraine McReight D. Hyp, DCBT, FAPHP, MNCH (acc)

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