Can't Sleep Due to Worry?

Many surveys have been done about the impact of stress, anxiety and worry on sleep and our quality of sleep. Interestingly, young people are reputed to lose several hours of sleep over each weekend due to high levels of anxiety about their lives. It's a serious concern when we can't sleep due to worry.

Hypnotherapy has been found to help improve sleep and the quality of sleep in many different ways.

- When we manage our time better we become more productive, achieve better results and have less to worry about. Hypnotherapy can help us to focus on the way we spend our time, introduces ways to start and finish each task in turn and feel better about what we have accomplished.

- Letting go of the need to be perfect can remove a huge weight off our shoulders. Many people spend a lot of time checking their work over and over again. Relaxing the need to be perfect, trusting ourselves more and being comfortable if an occasional mistake occurs is a healthier response which again helps to reduce worry. Hypnotherapy can help us to understand the origins of our fears and concerns, which may date back many years, and become more comfortable about being good enough.

- Work/life balance is important. Taking breaks for food, time out and finishing work at a reasonable time actually helps to improve work performance. Sometimes we may need to work long shifts in order to get an urgent project done but in the main, having breaks and finishing work in order to have some quality free time for ourselves, family and friends means that we return to work with a healthier, less worried mindset.

- Delegating to others is important for many reasons. It shares the workload, helps others learn new skills and take responsibility. It also helps us to relax the need to control every aspect ourselves. Sharing, relaxing the need to be in control and feeling comfortable about others helping can all be supported through de-stressing sessions and hypnotherapy.

- Taking care of ourselves physically helps to manage stress and worry effectively and be better able to sleep. A healthy, balanced diet, regular exercise and keeping sensible hours all help support a more healthy physical body. Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs all play havoc on our body as it requires energy to detoxify and reinstate equilibrium. Eating healthy food, spending sometime outdoors, being sure to exercise mentally and physically most days all support our health and wellbeing.

- Doing what we can each day and then having a cut off point after which the time is ours is an important way to deal with stress and worry. There may be times when we have to compromise but if we introduce good habits they can support us through difficult times. Winding down an hour or two before bed, taking a shower or a relaxing bath to wash away the cares of the day, keeping the bedroom free from clutter and screening off any work areas demonstrate that we regard sleep and bedtime as an important part of our commitment to ourselves. This is an important way to manage stress and worry and can help us to sleep better.

- Lists, diaries and notebooks can help with worry. Being disciplined about keeping notes can help reassure us that we won't forget an important point, it's safe and so there is no need to worry about forgetting it.

- Some hypnotic techniques like self-hypnosis, visualisation and positive affirmations can all support a positive mindset towards sleep and help to reduce stress and worry. Techniques like imagining ourselves protected from outside worries by a safety shield or being coccooned inside a protective bubble, visualising revisiting a lovely beach, relaxing on a lilo floating on a pool, repeating positive supportive affirmations are all ways to help us to reinforce our confidence, self-esteem and so cope better with the stresses and worries of each day.

All these are ways to help support stress, worry and as a consequence the quality of our sleep will improve and we will find that our approach to life and its problems benefits.

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Written by Lifestyle Therapy - Susan Leigh

Established in 1988, Susan Leigh works with individuals, couples and in business. She helps individuals to overcome their old unwanted patterns of behaviour and become more confident and positive in their lives, works with couples to improve their communications and mutual understanding and provides workshops and presentations for business clients on managing stress, team building, so supporting i… Read more

Written by Lifestyle Therapy - Susan Leigh

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