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Cancer the terrorist – the power of positivity

As someone who offers emotional support to cancer sufferers and their loved ones, I'm aware of the absolute terror the word "Cancer" has on my clients. So I always like to get my clients to view their cancer as a terrorist and here's why...

Following diagnosis Cancer seems to take over our lives, ravaging our body, leaves us feeling empty and broken. There are so many negative thoughts and perceptions surrounding cancer, that we often forget to look at the brighter side of life. Now, you may immediately be thinking "but there is no brighter side to cancer". Well, with every negative, there is always a positive. This is why viewing Cancer as a terrorist can be a good thing.

Weak and Disorganised

Did you know cancer cells are actually very weak and disorganised, compared to normal healthy cells. Cancer cells could be perceived as groups of fanatics who bounce their ideologies off of each other, they are badly organised and not well trained. They may well invade and stake a claim in our bodies, but we have our own secret weapon.

If we now compare our Immune System to a well organised, trained Military Machine. Cancer cells don't tend to be a highly trained group who know how to work together to take on bigger forces. They will attack here and there, often seemingly at random and rely heavily on shock tactics. This is also how cancer cells work. It may feel like their main priority is to take over our bodies and cause as much destruction as possible, but giving clients a healthier perspective about their predicament is vital in order to start getting on top of the "new priority in town."

Also did you know we are said to produce cancer cells every single day, but our healthy immune system gets in there and destroys them, with out us ever knowing.


Positivity is one of the strongest things we have going for us. The power of the mind. Do you notice that you get more work done when you are thinking positive and feeling motivated? This power is also going to help your body to fight back and to recover. If you give in to fear, you are unlikely to believe in yourself or your body, and you're going to think yourself a lost cause. This is not the case. Everyone has the power to fight cancer, even in the cause of a terminal diagnosis, if it's just to ensure that your remaining time is one of love and laughter; happiness and hope.

Don't give in to the fear; think rationally. Let your mind give your body the strength and the power it needs to keep on fighting. Let your body know that you are in charge, not the terrorist cancer cells. Having such a positive frame of mind is going to make all the difference, both to you, your friends and family.

It's easy to read about it, but what do you do if you find out that you are one of the unfortunate ones? You need to take a step back from panic mode, and look at positive coping strategies that will help you through your journey.

This is where hypnotherapy can help. A hypnotherapist can offer support and advice to cancer patients and their loved ones, informing them about the importance of a positive mindset and how positive energy can help to strengthen the immune system, even in our weakest moments.

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