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Cancer Care - How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Fight Back

Cancer is probably the toughest fight any one of us could ever come up against. However, the fact is that 1 in 3 of us will at some point in our lives develop a form of cancer. So, how can hypnotherapy help alongside appropriate medical intervention?

One hundred years ago, the mind and body were viewed as a joint system; they worked together and both influenced our health and well-being. Today, some professionals - and even members of the general public - may view ‘mind therapies’ with a large amount of scepticism. Many of us are quick to visit a medical professional to obtain a pill, a medicine or an injection, or any other of the ‘external fixes’ for our condition, but may give little thought to the benefits of supporting this with appropriate psychological therapy; this is quite a marked step away from the previous belief that healing was viewed as a three-way fix that included the mind, the immune system and medicine.

Some individuals suffering from cancer may completely stun the medical profession by combating their disease or far exceeding their life expectancy by many years and sometime even decades. How is this possible? These people may be very positive and upbeat and remain psychologically intact during their treatment; as such they may enjoy a better quality of life, appear to suffer less pain, may recover more quickly and take their treatment in their stride, because their mind-set is conducive to getting well.

Hypno-Chemo is here to allow clients to exercise that three way fix, allowing you to ‘participate in your recovery’ by supporting your psychological needs during medical treatment. The Hypno-Chemo course can show you how stress in the immune system from both long term stresses and a series of recent major traumas can lower the immune systems effectiveness, potentially allowing disease to manifest itself. Restoring the psychology to a positive mindset can help support the sufferer’s immune system and may contribute towards a positive effect on their recovery. Supporting medical treatment with psychological therapy can provide an all-encompassing assault to allow the client to produce the best possible environment they can.

Hypnotherapy can help you to have the right mind-set, and can help you to visualise yourself fighting the rogue cells. It is not in itself a cure, but rather part of the three-pronged approach to the illness to encourage recovery and potentially support your immune system by creating a more positive outlook.

Hypno-Chemo is made up of different modules:

  • The Vent. Dealing with the emotional distress following your diagnosis.
  • The Carer. The Carer's opportunity to offload their emotions.
  • Moving forward. Taking control and understanding your objectives.
  • Positivity Rules. Building that positive mind-set.
  • Reinforcement and Surveillance. Reinforce and maintain that recovery.
  • Reoccurrence. Accessing and dealing with a reoccurrence.
  • Death and Acceptance. You can dwell on it or focus on going out in style.

Positive mind-set allows you to focus on positive outcomes and positive experiences, and can empower you to reach your goals. A positive mind-set may help improve perception of pain, allow optimism and build inner strength and acceptance.

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Written by Lorraine Gleeson

Hello, thank you for looking at my profile. I have been working full time as a hypnotherapist for 9 years. I use gestalt, inner child, regression and other techniques. It is my belief that dealing with the cause rather than the symptom has a long lasting beneficial result. I continue expanding my knowledge and qualified as an NLP practitioner and a teacher of Hypnotherapy. I am a member of the GHR… Read more

Written by Lorraine Gleeson

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