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Can you change your personality with hypnotherapy?

A fundamental principle of hypnotherapy is that each individual has everything they need within them to deal with their issues and change their behaviour. We each possess an incredible and powerful imagination and this is the key to visualising and creating change.

Clients often ask can you make me more confident, more outgoing etc.  

Firstly, everything within your personality has the potential to change. Secondly, it is the client that does the work. Prospective clients sometimes have the misguided idea that they don’t have to embrace change themselves – the hypnotherapist can do that for them.

Now let’s be very clear on this – if you don’t want to change you probably won’t change. You also have to believe that you can change – now that is something a hypnotherapist can help you with.

Your personality predicts how you will behave. How you typically behave defines your personality. It is reasonably logical then that if you permanently change your behaviour, you change your personality.

It is partly down to choice. If you are an extrovert, you are externally influenced and will tend to choose to spend time with others drawing inspiration from them. If you are an introvert, you may prefer peace and quiet so that you can formulate your thoughts from within. However, most of us are not one extreme or the other. We modify and adapt, we are somewhere between the two and some of us adapt from one situation to another or are known as “ambiverts”. You can do lots of tests online to find out your own predominant style.

If you are an extreme introvert, you are probably more inclined to avoid public speaking whereas as an extreme extrovert you might crave the limelight. So can you change? Back to the original question. The answer partially lies in what your fear. We tend to stay inside our comfort zones. Stepping out of the comfort zone can feel alien and scary.

We are creatures of habit and change for change's sake can create fear and result in stress. The key is to overcome the fear and your self-limiting beliefs as these hold us back. Luckily this is something hypnotherapy is good at helping with.

Going back to the first paragraph. For example, can hypnotherapy give me more confidence? Confidence is typified by a lack of negative aspects self-consciousness (doubt and fear). In contrast, the self-talk or inner voice of a confident person is “I can do”, “I am OK”, “I am not afraid”. If you are struggling with confidence, hypnotherapy can help you stop focussing on your fears and doubts. Instead through hypnotherapy, you focus on courage, stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming less fearful.

Another example. Can hypnotherapy make me more creative? Firstly - where have you got the notion that you aren’t creative? Human beings’ thoughts take place almost entirely in our imaginations. We are all therefore infinitely creative.

It is likely in this particular scenario that your childhood experiences and your preferred route have changed your perception of your own creativity. Hypnotherapy can demonstrate your creativity whilst in trance. Once your hypnotherapist demonstrates to you that your limiting belief is a false one you can embrace change and start to indulge in full your own creative power.

Most of us achieve a fraction of our potential. Only by imagining beyond our potential can we really find out what we are truly capable of.

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Written by Jeff Cassapi Hypnotherapy - DIP (Hyp) GQHP

I am passionate about helping people achieve their own lasting change. I was overweight and shed three stone. I used to be shy and became confident. I didn't believe I would ever run my own business and now I am running a successful hypnotherapy practice.

I encourage all prospective clients to call me for a no obligation friendly chat.… Read more

Written by Jeff Cassapi Hypnotherapy - DIP (Hyp) GQHP

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