Can past life regression help with relationships?

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to help people change habits, address anxiety, overcome fears or phobias, or help with some conditions and disorders. When administered by a professionally trained and skilled hypnotherapist the benefits can be long lasting and often permanent.


Our past experiences have created many beliefs that we continue to hold to be true, but which are unhelpful for us. In fact, they can impact our lives in a way that is holding us back from happiness. Hypnosis can be especially useful in analysing these beliefs and assessing whether we wish to continue with them.

Past life regression is a technique used to take a person back through time using hypnosis. They can be taken so far back in time that the memories of previous lifetimes are rediscovered and explored. Relationships in past lives can be examined to find relevance in the life someone is currently living today. Many souls choose to reincarnate in groups as they continue to learn lessons and interact. Past life regression can be used to help identify these groups, including someone considered as a soul mate.

Levels of consciousness

The Conscious Mind is the focus of our everyday awareness. This is the part of the mind you are using as you read this article or go about your daily business. It is known as the ‘critical sensor’ that evaluates problems and situations as and when they arise. It is called the beta state of awareness.

In most hypnotherapy sessions we access the Subconscious Mind. It is considered the alpha state of awareness (daydreaming). This is where automatic behaviour, survival instincts and ingrained habits are stored once they have filtered through the conscious mind and been accepted. Most early learning and childhood memories lie in this level; it is considered the seat of the imagination and emotions.

The Superconscious is where our creativity is stored. It is sometimes called the somnambulistic state (between sleeping and waking) or theta state. This deeper part of our mind can be accessed through dreams, meditation, and visualisation. Some people believe this is where our personal Akashic records (record of current and all past life experiences) can be accessed. This is the level that I access when working with past life regression. It is generally just referred to it as the “subconscious” as that is what is most easily understood.

The Collective Unconscious is where the energy from all life forms exists and this is the part we tap into when an idea comes to us out of the blue. We may later discover someone else has come up with the same idea at the same time without any connection to ourselves or other logical explanation. This level sometimes becomes apparent during past life regression work when some information or revelation previously not known or understood by the person is disclosed.

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How past life regression has helped one woman

(Case study information used with permission. Name and some details have been changed to protect anonymity.)

Margaret came to see me because she had a history of unsuccessful relationships during her life. The reason most of them came to an end were that she had what she called “control issues”. She hated people telling her “what to do”. 

Margaret had a similar work history where she had difficulties with supervisors and managers. She had been through counselling and a number of other therapeutic approaches. However, she still “felt the anger bubbling up” if anyone challenged her. She wanted to embark on a new relationship with someone she had recently met and wanted it to be more successful.

Patterns through lives

We decided to use past life regression as a means to examine whether there were any issues from her past lives that could be making her react in this way. Over a number of sessions, we accessed several lives with a similar pattern.

She was shown lives where she was in a relationship and her male partner treated her badly because of her refusal to obey him. Different examples included the selling of her children to slavery in one life and the killing of her children in front of her in another.  


In a more recent session, we accessed a life which gave us the key. Margaret’s subconscious showed her a past life from 1172 where she was a young girl. At the age of 18, she went into a nunnery and took vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. Her main job in the nunnery was to scrub floors. She was shown that she had problems with obeying her superiors and was constantly badly beaten for her defiance.

Margaret’s subconscious told her that because of this past life she had always been oppositional. She had learnt her life purpose for several incarnations from that life - not to give in and not to obey other people.

Her subconscious added that it hasn’t always served her but that she was stuck with it because the vow of obedience was still in place from her life in the nunnery. When asked if there was anything that could be done to help Margaret in this life, her subconscious agreed to remove the vow.

Lightness, laughter and love

When she was brought out of the hypnotic state, Margaret immediately felt lighter and joyful, stating that she felt as if a coat of armour had been removed from her. These feelings of lightness, laughter and love have stayed with her and she has reported her feelings of defiance have gone. She is looking forward to bringing these qualities to her new relationship.

Margaret wondered whether she had shared any previous lives with the man she was building a relationship with. We journeyed back and she was shown that they had shared a previous relationship. In that life, she was a male servant, and he was a female servant in a large stately home. They were not allowed to have a relationship because of the rules of their employment and their love was unrequited. She is hoping that the work she has done in investigating her past lives will make the difference to the success of their relationship in her current life.

Can past life regression work for you?

In my experience, past life regression can work for most people irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, culture, or personal beliefs. Sessions can be arranged to explore any issues you would like to discover to help you in your current life, which is the most important one for you.

You might also like to explore past lives to explore more about the connections with people or places in your current life.  This can include exploration of a soul mate or soul group connections.

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Written by Cathy Phillips
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S10 2SE

I am fully qualified and nationally accredited as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I take a person-centred approach to helping people solve their own problems as I believe that you are the expert in your life. I specialise in past life regression, anxiety, phobias, habits, stress, fears and phobias.

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