Can hypnotherapy help with sleepless nights?

Sleep, that place that we go to to help our body revitalise itself and prepare to cope with the following day. A place where we should be able to wind down and let our minds float out to sea or across some distant landscapes and wake up feeling completely renergised, focused and looking forward to the day ahead.

The sad truth is that more than a third of people suffer from some sort of insomnia at some point in their lives. This includes trouble falling asleep, waking up during the night or just waking up far too early in the morning. There are some things that we can all be aware of that can help us get a good nights sleep.

1. Try not drink too much caffeine throughout the day.

2. Try not too eat too late at night

3. Try not to work on your phone or laptop late at night.

All of these can interfere with our natural chemicals that help us sleep at night and cause us to have an interrupted sleepless night.

Our problem is that sleep is one of the most important elements of our bodily functions and it can start to become a serious problem when we are suffering anxiety, depression and of course every day stress. 

Unfortunately the effects of prolonged bouts of sleeplessness can then result in a lack of motivation, irritability, reduced problem solving skills and an ability to cope with stress. We have all been there - so tired you collapse onto your bed and feel like you could sleep for a year, then get into bed and the thoughts start to fly around your head like a Ferrari doing 220 miles on hour on the Autobahn and before you know it you're wide awake. 

So really, it is our thoughts and the way we are thinking about things that in turn causes us anxiety and this is the common cause for many a sleepless night. Hypnotherapy can help insomnia by addressing the underlying anxiety, which may be caused by a relationship issue, finances or work environment for example.

When we ruminate on problems this just makes them seem bigger and out of our control and even small issues can seem like Godzilla in the middle of the night. A good hypnotherapist can work with a client to help alter their habitual responses to problems and assist them to develop more helpful coping strategies.

Hypnotherapy sessions can help to change unwanted patterns of behaviour and as result reduce anxiety levels which in turn often leads to sleeping patterns improving naturally. Reducing anxiety and stress helps to clear your mind allowing you to have a better nights sleep and live a life more balanced.

So if you want to get a good night sleep in 2016, why not consider contacting a hypnotherapist to get a head start and help get a better nights sleep.

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Written by Hayley Kiemel, Online/Face to Face Sessions HPD DSFH AFSFH, CNHC
Manchester M45 & Hale WA15

Whitefield, Prestwich, Hale Greater Manchester

Hayley runs Insight Hypnotherapy and is a clinical hypnotherapist based in Manchester,
she sees clients for Insomnia Self Esteem Confidence and Anxiety issues but also for a range of other issues including Smoking Cessation, Fear of Fying & Exam Performance.

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