Can anyone be hypnotised?

It is a fallacy that some people are unable to be hypnotised as the hypnotic state is a natural and normal one. Science tells us that we fall into a hypnotic state about seven times every hour. Every one of us has to pass through a hypnotic state to fall asleep and through another hypnotic state to awaken. Every driver has experienced the state of highway hypnosis and there isn’t a person alive who hasn’t day dreamed and these are all states akin to hypnosis.

It is obvious that those who think they may be unable to be hypnotised imagine hypnosis to be a state that is abnormal and unusual and this belief can prevent them from relaxing and allowing hypnosis to happen. Apart from this there are other factors that could lead someone to both think and believe that they were unable to be hypnotised.

Nervousness can create difficulties

It is imperative that the therapist creates a relaxing situation, building rapport and putting the client at ease. In a therapeutic situation, if the client or subject is nervous and fearful they can unconsciously block the process and resist the relaxation techniques. If a client doesn’t like something about their hypnotist, their appearance, their voice, their gender or even the setting they find themselves in this could prevent relaxation from happening.

If a client arrives for hypnosis worrying that the ‘therapy may not work’ or harbouring a negatively focused hope that the therapy ‘won’t turn out to be a waste of money’ they will unconsciously resist hypnosis. Their main focus, being upon it ‘not working’ or it being a ‘waste of money’ will render them unable to relax and follow instructions.

The same also applies for self-hypnosis. Think you may be wasting your time and you will and think you haven’t got the time for it and you haven’t. If you think you can’t do it properly you can’t. You have to be just as positive with self-hypnosis as you would be with any other hypnosis.

Work with the hypnotist and not against them

All the while you are conscious you are thinking, and while thinking slows down in a hypnotic state it does not stop altogether. Therefore your subconscious is receiving suggestions all the time. It receives instructions from you and from the world around you constantly and you always have the choice to accept or to reject and disagree.

If you simply allow relaxation to happen it will. Follow instructions; there are always two hypnotherapists in the room in any therapeutic session, you and your therapist. If you are being instructed to relax but you are telling yourself that nothing’s happening you’ll be right, nothing will. 

With proper instruction anyone can do it. I’ve worked successfully with clients who have been resistant to hypnosis prior to our sessions together and even some who have been told that they couldn’t be hypnotised yet all of them have happily and successfully relaxed and enjoyed the natural hypnotic state.

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Written by Making Positive Changes - Christine Wesson

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Written by Making Positive Changes - Christine Wesson

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