BWRT® helps with exam nerves

Exam nerves and stress around exam times are all too common. The expectations people put on themselves and sometimes, the perceived expectation that other people put on someone can literally cause the person to "freeze" during exam times.

The "freezing" brain and "blankness" are actually correct, as the brain when in a very stressful situation (or perceived stressful situation) reverts to the fight flight or freeze mechanism. This means all the resources are tuned out of the "thinking" part of the brain for survival. The thinking (cortex) part of the brain is much slower than the automatic reptilian part of the brain. When stressed, you go into automatic mode; this can be very difficult to get out of and it can be hard to get the brain functioning at its best again.

With the help of relaxation techniques that can be practiced in a relaxed environment, outside from any exam situation and BWRT® (brain working recursive therapy), you can alter your automatic (learnt) stressful reaction from previous experiences. It is thought that with one session, your exam nerves can be a thing of the past and the results you deserve will be attainable, with no sabotage from your stressed brain!

BWRT® is a new mind therapy that works in a different way from traditional hypnotherapy. It goes back to how the brain initially learnt the behaviour or reaction and changes the thought processes at this point, in sometimes just one easy session. The results are immediate and long-lasting. As it is the client that decides what the changes are to be, the therapist does not need to know any of the details, so it is virtually content free.

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Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV33

Written by Pippa Jamie

Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV33

I am an advanced BWRT ® practitioner having trained with the originator Mr Terence Watts, this has enhanced my hypnotherapy clinic. I enjoy working with students and school children having spent many years working with adolescents with Juvenile Arthritis as a Chartered Physiotherapist prior to my Hypnotherapy training.

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