Bullying - Don't let it ruin your life...

At some point in our lives we have either been bullied or intimidated. It could be on a physical or on a mental level or even both. Whether it was in school, by family, friends, in adult relationships or in the workplace.

It can have a detrimental effect and can scar us for life if we don't deal with it. Especially if it was when we were young, as we will carry these negative feelings into our adult years. These can cause problems in our relationships and effect state of mind, self-esteem and self-confidence.

Do you experience shaking, panic attacks, anxiety, fear, palpitations, loss of appetite, living on your nerves? If you do, this can also lead to excessive drinking, comfort eating, drugs or anti-depressants.

Bullying can also stop you from moving on in your life. The fear of going somewhere, seeing someone or dealing with a situation which reminds you of being bullied can be overwhelming. 

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fear of being bullied ever again. Hypnotherapy can change your thought process, behaviours and habits from the negative to the positive. Our subconscious mind holds all of our memories and fears. Hypnotherapy can bring them to the surface through deep relaxation and positive suggestion.

We block out what we are have gone through as it can be sometimes too painful to deal with. As we go through life our subconscious mind triggers off our memories to protect us so we either have a fight or flight symptom - Run away from the situation or face up to it. Hypnotherapy will help you to have the life you want - be free to go where you want and be free to be the person you want to be by releasing those memories and turning your thought process from negative to positive. It allows you to become mentally stronger and better able to deal with what life throws at you. 

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All therapists are verified professionals

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