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Whatever the addictive pattern hypnotherapy clients feel trapped by, there is one thing that unifies all of them; a feeling of being out of control.

One client described addiction as, 'Being like a robot, some external force is pressing my buttons.' An addiction to gambling was forcing him against his will, to engage in behaviour that led to shame and disgust.

Naturally, this is an intolerably stressful state to be in. We need to feel in control in order to survive. If we are not in control, like driving with failed brakes, anything can happen to us , so our anxieties and stress levels go through the roof. Paradoxically, that leads to a retreat into deeper addictive behaviour to block out the fear that threatens to become overwhelming.

People will go to great lengths to hide addiction from others, often playing an elaborate game where they present themselves as fully functioning adults, whilst secretly, they are ruled by a drug, alcohol, food, or a behaviour such as gambling or compulsive shopping. A former client, Lynda, was an immaculately dressed and superbly efficient PA. Only she knew that her calm exterior was a false front as she sipped from a secret stash of wine throughout her working day.

Some people go further and hide their addiction even from themselves. They convince themselves what they do is normal and that they do not have a problem. This was the case of another client, Josephine. She insisted her alarmingly increasing girth was due to hormonal changes in mid-life. It was, in fact, caused by a swollen, alcohol abused liver.

However deep the denial though, the unconscious part of the mind knows that buried deep down, there is a really disturbing problem. No-one can control their dreams, and these may contain tormenting images, or insomnia may be the result of the repression. Likewise, a random remark or chance encounter will spark a surge of anxiety that breaks through the denial.

I admire my clients for acknowledging their issue and taking steps, thorough hypnotherapy, to get control back in their lives. Addictive behaviour patterns can be eliminated and normal healthy functioning restored no-one was born to be an addict. The relief and peace of mind that follow are tremendous. And it is quicker than you think.

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Written by Marian Barry - GHP Hypnotherapist of the Year 2019 East of England

I am an award-winning hypnotherapist and open and approachable person. I offer a professional, caring and safe service in a comfortable private environment. I work  either in the Harley Street Hypnotherapy Clinic, or Finsbury Park, London N4, or Great Abington, Cambridge as well as ONLINE sessions.
I specialise in anxiety, depression and confidence issues, obsessions and compulsions, a… Read more

Written by Marian Barry - GHP Hypnotherapist of the Year 2019 East of England

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