Boosting self-love and self-belief

It is a misconception that people who love themselves tend to be egotistical with an inflated sense of confidence and pride, with no thought for how they treat others.

The reality is that self-love enables us to develop empathy toward others, know how to forgive, consider other's feelings and celebrate our differences. Self-belief means being able to see ourselves realistically, warts and all and still be able to value ourselves and others.

Consequently, seeing ourselves in a realistic way allows us to have a healthy level of self respect and self-esteem. It helps us to identify our own unique strengths, talents and characteristics, as well as our faults and negative behaviours without judgement.

People with low self-esteem often spend far too much time criticising themselves, without giving themselves any recognition for their achievements and positive behaviours.

This in turn creates distorted thinking, which can lead to a number of damaging feelings and emotions such as anxiety, depression, guilt and self-loathing. Such destructive thoughts affect confidence, which in turn creates fear and despondency.

Hypnotherapy helps to re-assess self-belief, by finding the initial incident which led to the cycle of low self-esteem in the first place and then changing those limiting beliefs through self empowerment. This is achieved through focusing the imagination on positive strengths and behaviours by reinforcing self-belief and increasing confidence. Future pacing is also used to boost self-worth through imagery and repetition, allowing for greater self awareness and resourcefulness. 

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Merseyside, Wirral, CH43
Written by Lorna Johnson, BSc (Hons), Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapist, DipNLP
Merseyside, Wirral, CH43

Lorna Johnson is a fully qualified Clinical Advanced Hypnotherapist and member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy. Lorna combines a variety of skills and techniques such as Psychotherapy and Hypnosis to help her clients to achieve their full potential and overcome any mental and/or physical health problems.

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All therapists are verified professionals

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