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Benefits of treating anxiety with hypnotherapy

Why consider using hypnotherapy for anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling directed inwards, with no particular focus. It is subjective and makes one feel completely out of control. It can cause havoc in one person's life, disrupting everyday living, making it very difficult to carry on with activities others take for granted. Getting on a bus, going to work, college, meeting up socially can become anxiety creating activities. It can be the cause of a person cancelling engagements, which in turn leads to him/her becoming isolated and losing confidence. It can take the enjoyment out of those activities which ought to be fun and enjoyed to the full.

Anxiety is learnt behaviour, created by past traumatic events. The subconscious mind triggers a new response to the traumatic event or events and that response becomes embedded. The response is a fight or flight one which is a survival mechanism. Once learnt, it is triggered again and again when the subconscious mind perceives a similar threat.

As it is the subconscious mind which has caused the problem, it is only the subconscious mind that can cure it. Hypno-analysis works very well as it goes straight to the subconscious mind. Through analysis, the client is directed back in time to the causation of the anxiety. The traumatic events can then be revivified and the emotional attachment to the events reframed.

By doing this, the emotional energy attached to the events are identified and then worked on. The client feels a sense of liberation from the past traumas. One is also able to connect present-day negative reactions to the past traumas and with the use of cognitive behavioural therapy, one can consciously decide on more appropriate patterns of behaviour. This can only be done after the connection has been identified and the emotional energy released. The client then finds it much easier to change the behaviour and move forward in their lives with a greater sense of control over their behaviour and reactions.

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