Belief change work and emotional healing

Hypnotherapy is an excellent therapy model to assist with a whole range of problems. One of the main areas where this type of therapy can achieve life changing results is in challenging negative thought patterns with associated limiting beliefs, resulting in self sabotaging behaviour. All hypnotherapy clients will need to address these issues to a certain extent as belief systems underpin the success of any change work. It is important whilst challenging thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviour patterns that the hypnotherapist also works with a client's positive attributes, skills and abilities, and reinforces inner strengths, resilience and successful outcomes from the past.  

Exploring belief systems and where they have originated from helps a client to become more self-aware and self-reliant, and able to take responsibility for creating their desired changes and making them last. Strongly held beliefs, even if they are damaging and limit life experiences, are hard to change alone. They have strong emotions associated with them, which have the ability to keep you stuck in a certain thought pattern and behaviour. Changing life-limiting beliefs is empowering and offers emotional healing once the change has occurred, and can vastly improve your quality of life.

It is natural to want to avoid feeling strong emotions such as anger, extreme sadness, guilt, shame or self-blame. However, with the support of a therapist who has ensured that, within the therapeutic environment you are working in you feel understood and not judged, you are then able to freely explore where your difficult emotions, negative thoughts and the associated beliefs have originated from. Once you have the understanding, it is important then to feel safe in expressing and releasing the energy associated with these emotions. At the same time you are then able to have more insight regarding the limiting thought patterns that have held you back for too long. With hypnotherapy techniques you can then create new ideas and strategies to enhance more positive and life enhancing beliefs so that you feel free to live the life you desire and truly deserve.

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