Be your true self with EMSRP

If you feel like you can never be your true self at work, home, with friends and family, EMSRP (Expressive Meta-Schematic Re-Patterning) may hold the answer to freeing the true and natural you.

What does it stand for?

Expressive Meta-Schematic Re-Patterning. That's a bit of a mouthful, however, the philosophy and aim of EMSRP is quite simple. It's to allow you to reduce the mask you hide behind and become more of the authentic you that you were born to be. It's about recovering the original you that as a child was affected and aspects rejected by those adults around you whose behaviour was tainted by all their hang-ups and anxieties. 

What is it?

EMSRP is a series of simple steps that lead you through a series of processes including hypnotherapy, CBT, inner child work and coaching that make positive change virtually inevitable. It takes the deepest negative core belief you may have about yourself and uses it to help you change.

What can it help with?

Have you ever felt that the true you is hidden most of the time?

Do you feel that you hide behind a mask and that people really don’t know you at all?

Do you feel shame and lack of self-worth?

Do feel like you are a fraud or a fake and could be ‘found out’ at any time?

Do you question your career or relationship choices? Are you having a midlife crisis?

As an adult do you feel you continually strive to seek acceptance from a parent but no matter how successful you become, you are never good enough?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, EMSRP is particularly effective with these ways of thinking, believing and behaving.

How does EMSRP work?

EMSRP gets to the core negative beliefs that you have about yourself and highlights all the behaviours you use to hide that belief.

For example, if you feel a fraud, you may strive to be the most efficient worker in order to receive praise. Unfortunately, the praise doesn’t change the core belief and so you continue to be even better and in doing so become more exhausted by your efforts.

If your core belief is that you have no value, you may be the nicest person to everyone and always put the needs of others before your own. Conversely, someone else may become the arrogant self-promoter that is another way of attempting to distance themselves from a feeling of little value.

EMSRP dis-empowers the negative core belief and re-patterns a way of thinking, believing and behaving that enables you to be you, warts and all. In being more of the natural you, life becomes easier and you are much more likely to live up to your potential. You can have relationships that enable you to thrive and your self-worth and esteem become stronger. You will learn to live more in your essence and become the true you that you were born to be.

What is involved with EMSRP?

There are seven steps to EMSRP that take you through insightful processes that give you new understandings of why you have not been able to be the natural you all of the time. Coupled with assignments outside of the EMSRP sessions, your new way of being starts to flourish and grow and become second nature to you.

One of the most important roles you play is to notice the changes in you. What we pay attention to tends to grow and the more your notice the more belief strengthens in the rediscovered authentic you.

What do people say about EMSRP?

People notice different things during and after experiencing EMSRP. For example, one client said “I am amazed at how much I have changed in a relatively short space of time” and another said, “I seem to have this uncontrollable smile”.

We believe that the philosophy of EMSRP is a birthright - it should be available to everyone and should begin from childhood. If your childhood has had a profound and negative impact on your adulthood, EMSRP could be what you have been looking for. 

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