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There is a lot of evidence that how we think really does matter.  Some of us however are naturally more positive than others.  Some of us automatically think on the bright side. How is it that some people things always seem to work out right and others tend to struggle even though they try and do the same as other successful people, it is to do with core beliefs if you truly believe something will happen it will. It is no good just saying I am going to win the lottery if you do not truly believe that you are.  Being positive is about feelings and feeling happy it is happiness that creates positive thoughts and then leads onto positive outcomes.


What is happiness and how do we create happiness? Genes account for 50% of happiness, our age, our beauty, social skills, and money are other factors how much we really think of ourselves, how much encouragement we have had during our lives.  Some personality traits seem to create happiness for example extroverts, conscientiousness, agreeableness, self-esteem and optimism are all traits that appear to be able to feel happiness. Living in the moment finding what makes you happy creates happiness socialising with happy people. What if you are lacking in some of these traits does this mean you are doomed to the feelings of unhappiness and things appearing to go wrong? What if you are capable of creating happiness and you are just not aware of it. Sometimes just trying not to concentrate on the negative thoughts can be counter productive and leave you with a feeling that is just not fair and before you know it you slip back to producing negative feelings. Starting slowly take a look at you and really think about what you enjoy doing and start there. When you are living in the moment enjoying now that is when you are creating a feeling of happiness and contentment we are all individuals and different things make different people feel happiness, think about you and what makes you feel happiness.

  • Simple steps if you enjoy the country for example make time for you to go out for a walk at least once a week and live in the moment. 
  • Meeting up with a good friend and having a chat can also help with self-esteem. 
  • When you go to bed before going to sleep think about your day and look for three little miracles that happened that day. To begin with it does not have to be something major maybe you noticed that the traffic lights were in your favour that day or your hair looked good if you start small things tend to start happening for you.
  • Focus on the good in your life now it is a good starting point.

The way we feel really does create our world, our own reality, and the more positive things will start to happen if you get in touch with your own happy feelings.

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Written by Lorraine Gleeson

Hello, thank you for looking at my profile. I have been working full time as a hypnotherapist for 9 years. I use gestalt, inner child, regression and other techniques. It is my belief that dealing with the cause rather than the symptom has a long lasting beneficial result. I continue expanding my knowledge and qualified as an NLP practitioner and a teacher of Hypnotherapy. I am a member of the GHR… Read more

Written by Lorraine Gleeson

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